Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

CDS Commitment to a culture of belonging

Diversity, equity, and inclusion at Carolina Day are a direct extension of not only our mission and core beliefs*, but also our honor code and pledge**. By fostering a richness of ideas, a broadening of viewpoints, and a reverence for others, diversity improves the quality of our culture. All of our students benefit from learning in a diverse group of individuals with a range of experiences and abilities, which prepares them to participate in our increasingly diverse society. In order to make the most of educational opportunities offered by all members of the community, it is critical to create and maintain a safe, accepting, and equitable learning environment with a focus on respect and compassion for others. 

Carolina Day aspires to be a welcoming, equitable, and inclusive organization for our students, families, faculty, staff, and the greater community.  

To this end:

  • Carolina Day School does not tolerate acts of discrimination, prejudice, and harassment. Such acts harm individuals through “othering” and destroy the interconnected fabric of a community of belonging.

  • Carolina Day School community members acknowledge that sometimes our individual actions and school practices may create unintentional harm in our community.

  • Carolina Day School community members commit to personal and institutional resolution of harms through an educational process based on thoughtful listening, acknowledging one’s role and the (perhaps unintended) impact of actions, and repairing such harms.

  • Carolina Day School community members are expected to follow established guidelines in response to discrimination, prejudice, and harassment.

  • At Carolina Day School, we recognize the needs and rights of students to individual expression, consideration of alternative and new ideas, and civil discourse. However, these must always be balanced against the essential task of creating a community of belonging for all faculty, staff and students and families—particularly for those who face ongoing bias in our society.

  • We commit ourselves to creating a community of belonging for all. 


Source: We were inspired by the Albion College Blueprint for Belonging in formulating the above.

You Belong Advisory Board

Inspired by attendance at the annual Student Diversity Leadership Conference, many of our students are meeting regularly as part of the You Belong Advisory Board, a group that has recently hosted student forums and made presentations to the Board of Trustees and to the CDS community as the focus of the most recent PA Presents. For more information about the You Belong Student Advisory Board and the activities taking place, you can follow the Instagram account @youbelong_cds.