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Missy Sullivan

Faculty Information
Location(s) Middle School
Title(s) Middle School Counselor
Contact Information
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School Phone
(828) 274-0758   x165
Degree(s) B.A., University of Georgia 1992
M.A. Ed. for School Counseling, Western Carolina University 2015
Other Information
Missy Sullivan is a school counselor in the Middle School. Missy has a B.A. from the University of Georgia and a M.A.Ed degree with a concentration in School Counseling from Western Carolina University. Missy’s children, Brooks ‘19 and Ellsworth ‘23, are CDS students. She loves having them nearby and seeing, often first hand, how engaged they are in their learning.
Get to know Missy Sullivan:
What do you like most about your job at CDS? “There is an awful I like about working at Carolina Day, but I think what inspires me most is the enthusiasm and innovation my colleagues bring to their work. They are passionate about teaching and about helping children become the best adults they can be. That kind of energy is contagious.”  
In your opinion, how does the CDS community inspire students to be courageous and curious, wonder about things that they don’t understand, try new things, and develop individual passions? I think the quality of relationships between faculty and students is what promotes courage in the classroom. Low teacher to student ratios enable our faculty to know students as individuals and to support them accordingly.
In the Middle School we foster curiosity by teaching through discovery, collaboration, and project-based learning. Trial and error are incorporated in the process and play a role in learning as they teach students about perseverance and resilience.  
Athletics, Visual Arts, Performing Arts and MS Expeditions provide many and various opportunities for students to explore something new and boost the skills they have with the safety of a supportive and growth-oriented settings.”
What is your favorite quote about education, mentorship, children, and/or learning? “The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.” - Mark Van Doren
How would you describe yourself and/or your approach to your job in 10 words or less?Educating and empowering others to know and be their best selves.”

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