Sixth Grade Poetry Cafe
Posted 11/03/2014 02:31PM

One of several touchstone projects of the sixth grade year, Poetry Cafe is the culmination of an in-depth study of poetry as a unique expression of language. The students read extensively in a wide variety of poetic genres, styles, and periods, learning to crack poems to discover what makes them work, as well as what makes them good.


Students also craft their own poems, basing them on essential "Writing Territories" that hold meaning for the students. Using the writing process, students revise and revise and revise, tweaking and improving their poems a bit at a time.


For Poetry Cafe, each student chooses one poem to share with peers, teachers, and parents at a standing-room only event. This year, our sixth-graders read their poems with confidence and poise in the library, and afterwards celebrated with refreshments. All in attendance were impressed with the insightful originality of the students' poems.

Click here to read the collection of poems.

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