Seniors Embark on Canterbury Pilgrimage
Posted 10/22/2014 01:48PM


Carolina Day School seniors embarked on their annual "Canterbury Pilgrimage." They dressed in period costumes, shared stories from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales at each stop, and dined on bread, cheese and grapes.


Sue Ellen Sims first took Carolina Day School seniors on the Canterbury Pilgrimage in 1993, and the event has since become one of the most anticipated traditions for students. As part of the Canterbury Tales study in her Literature class, Mrs. Sims uses the pilgrimage as the unit's main assessment. She divides the students up into groups and tasks each with presenting a tale to fellow students in any creative method they choose -- as the planning for the performances require students to dive back into the literature and analyze the tales from various points of view, keeping them involved in the stories.

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