Key School Students Assist Bird Banding Efforts
Posted 10/20/2014 02:05PM

Key Middle School students, as part of the Outdoor Experiential Program (OEP), spent a day learning at the Big Bald Mountain Bird Banding Station (BBBS) near Mars Hill. BBBS is one of very few monitoring stations in the U.S. that band songbirds, raptors and owls. Nearly 2,000 songbirds are captured, banded and safely released each autumn migration at Big Bald. 


The students hiked to the top of Little Bald Mountain and assisted two scientists in checking the bird collection nets. Almost a dozen birds were collected and data was meticulously documented. A few students were selected to release the birds back into the wild. Volunteering at BBBS was a great experience for Carolina Day students, one which will provide inspiration for creative writing, conversations in science, and community building. Watch this video of the student’s bird banding efforts at BBBS. 


This project was made possible by the
CDS community’s donations to the Annual Fund.
Thank you!
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