St. Genevieve Memories Website Launches
Posted 10/15/2014 01:34PM
On Saturday, October 11, students, faculty, parents, and administrators of the St. Genevieve predecessor schools of Carolina Day came together to celebrate the public launch of St. Genevieve Memories Website: a new virtual home for school memories. Click here to see pictures from the event. More than two years of work by the website committee has gone into developing the interactive site where more than 2,000 pictures and 4,000 profiles have already been uploaded and where alumni can continue to build the history through uploading their own stories. Saturday's event celebrated its public launch. Huge thanks to the website committee: Joe Lalley Jr. Headmaster of SGP, GH, & SG/GH, parent of SG/GH alumni Bob, Anne & Joseph; Tish Anderson, faculty, parent of SG/GH alumni Bryant & Marti; Debby Wolcott, faculty, parent of SG/GH alumni Amy & Will; Stephanie Smith SG/GH '86; and Millie Bitter Elmore SGP '64, parent of SG/GH alumni Mimi & Will.

For instructions on how to use the site to  upload your memories, click here.

At the event, the website committee shared the story of how this site came to be. This is Tish Anderson's account of the history of the site itself:

We have precious little time to make sure that no one forgets about the special place known as St. Genevieve’s.

In 2012, several members of the St. Genevieve family began to dream of creating a comprehensive history of the seven schools of St. Genevieve, from the RCE’s first school in Asheville, which opened in 1908, through St. Genevieve/ Gibbons Hall, which merged with ACDS in 1987.

We wanted to create a site that recalls the extraordinary place where generations of faculty, students, and their families built mind, body, and spirit… a site that is everlasting and thoughtful, something we all can add to as we try to recreate the St. Genevieve archives and share our memories of the school.

So this project serves more than one goal. First, it gives us a “home” all our own. And second, it serves as a permanent record of the school’s history.

This site is not one that you visit once and never look at again. It is ever changing as everyone adds to it. Eventually, will be a comprehensive storyboard … something that will stand the test of time.

Everyone who ever attended a St. Genevieve school holds special memories… perhaps school dances in the gym, Mother Winters dancing an Irish jig, red and white field hockey skirts, learning French with Sister Joubert, seeing Joan Hall roller skate down the hallway, being on Joe Lalley’s bus route, the tap-tap-tap of Kitty Johnson’s pencil on the piano during your lesson, Newman and Lafosse, field day, The Victorian, a full dance card, building “the wall” on a Saturday, a trip to the corner courtesy of Sister Day, performing in a class play, singing in the chorus, or maybe some of you have heard this one before… “Too bad, so sad. Mrs. Ross.”

Preserving the legacy of St. Genevieve is a job for all of us. This interactive, multi-layered resource will continue to grow only through the personal stories and photos each individual provides – and through continuing financial support. We hope to expand this elaborate and comprehensive site to enhance its offerings.   

The dream of does not come inexpensively. We can meet outstanding current costs and effect the potential enhancements only with the backing and support of all families of SGP, Gibbons Hall, and SG/GH. Click here to donate today.

We hope that everyone from the St. Genevieve’s community will remain an integral member of our “place of spirit in the land of the sky” – the many schools of St. Genevieve, and that together we can celebrate individual memories, institutional history, and our new virtual home where all of us can go again and again and again.

-Tish Anderson 10/14/14

For instructions on how to use the site to  upload your memories, click here.

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