Inside the Machine: A Very Different Dissection Project
Posted 09/30/2014 02:31PM


Not frogs, not worms… instead the Carolina Day School first- and second-graders dissected computers, as part of technology class. The students learned hands-on what’s inside a computer, how it works, and how the parts are connected. By touching, feeling, and seeing the different components of the computers, students were able to see how the processor, motherboard, and power supply units come together to produce a picture on the screen.


“When we first opened up the computers, the students were curious but tentative about touching the insides,” said Lower School Technology Coordinator Libby Roland. “Once we began loosening cords, they became excited for the opportunity to touch and manipulate the various components.”


The students disassembled a 10-year-old tower computer, a desktop PC, and a laptop. By analyzing the three different models of computers, the students were able to see the progression of technology over the last decade. CDS System Engineer Jarrett McInnis was also on hand to offer his technology expertise and answer questions about the inner-workings of the computers.


This project was made possible by the
CDS community’s donations to the Annual Fund.
Thank you!

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