Student Creativity Shines in Salon Rouge
Posted 05/24/2018 09:42AM

The annual Salon Rouge performance is an Upper School favorite, featuring students' original works. Congratulations to this year's artists:

Zaria Joyner “Heartbreak Warfare” by John Mayer

Chris Champ “Notes”

Duc Dang and Dylan Dunn “How to Disappear Completely”--Radiohead

Jules Pesce-DeFerrari “Collision Course”--read by Ella Christian and Jules Pesce-DeFerrari

Genevieve Beatty and Camille Beatty “Something’s Gotta Give”--Camila Cabello

Thomas Davids “The Great Red Disaster” read by Zoë Eshan, Tai Giger, Will Watson, and Thomas Davids

Alex Schultz “Moondance”--Van Morrison

Ian Wasserman “They Pass Beneath the Window”

Madi Huffman “Fire”--Madi Huffman

Sophia Pereda-Echeverry, “Cardboard”

Tess Carter, Liza Heck, Alex Schultz “Spirited Away”--Lily and Madeleine

Samantha Davis “A Piece,” “Prayer,” “Scantron Shots”

Camille Beatty “Swan”--Camille Saint Saëns

Zoe Fitzgerald “Funeral Chicken Shouldn’t Taste That Good”

Xena Jaffe “Shapeshift Love”



See the full photo album.


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