Pre-K & Seniors Simulate Migration of Monarch Butterflies
Posted 09/26/2014 02:23PM


The Pre-K class embarked on the 19th annual Monarch Migration. The march simulates monarch butterflies’ migration to Mexico.

“Having the Pre-K children "fly" around our campus dramatizing the annual monarch migration to Mexico is the perfect way to culminate our study of these fascinating butterflies,” said Pre-K teacher Cathy Walters. “After watching the habitat in our classroom where the monarch caterpillars eat milkweed for two weeks, hang in a "J", turn into a chrysalis, wait for another 14 days, then see the butterflies emerge from their chrysalis, it is then time to set them free to go to their centuries old roost in Mexico.”

Carolina Day School’s “Hallelujah Seniors” – those who have attended the school from Pre-K through senior year and also participated in their first migration in 1996 – led the parade of butterflies. Head of School Kirk Duncan also joined in on the fun.

Throughout the migration across campus – beginning in the Pre-K hall and made their way to the Upper School, the Middle School, and then through the woods to get back to the Lower School. The butterflies stopped for sips of “nectar” to energize themselves and sang songs about the life of a monarch butterfly.


“Simulating the trip, complete with nectar stops, using all of their senses, will help the children remember this study of monarch butterflies for years to come,” said Walters.

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