CDS to Commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Posted 01/04/2018 01:17PM

Martin Luther King, Jr.

CDS to Commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Celebrating A Day of Harmony and Inspiration

In commemoration of the living legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., on Thursday, January 11, Carolina Day School will host our annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration with activities in each of our divisions. In addition, CDS student volunteers, faculty, and staff will take part in Asheville area events.

Our theme for this year's on-campus celebration is “A Day of Harmony and Inspiration.” In his lifetime, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. showed us how one person can make a meaningful difference in the world, advocating tolerance and respect.

Our Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebration begins with an all-school morning gathering in Alumni Gym, to reflect on the significance of the civil rights leader's work and why we celebrate his life. Included will be a viewing of a portion of Dr. King’s 1963 “I Have a Dream” speech, a discussion of our theme and the meaning of “harmony,” and a musical component in which we all sing “I Have a Dream.”

Throughout the day, students’ understanding of Dr. King’s work will be broadened with additional activities. Younger students will share reflections on the theme of “harmony” on outdoor chalkboards on campus, and engage in thematically linked classroom activities. Older students will delve into Dr. King's accomplishments and the impact of his leadership and contributions with activities that explore his advocacy for social justice. Middle School students will hear from local civil rights activist Marvin Chambers. Upper School students will examine issues facing Asheville, participate in student-designed diversity workshops, and hear from two guest speakers: County Commissioner Jasmine Beach-Ferrara and Judge Calvin Hill.

On Saturday, a group of Carolina Day students, faculty, staff, and parents will attend the 37th Annual Martin Luther King Breakfast in Asheville, with some students volunteering as ushers. On Monday, A CDS contingent will meet to participate in the Martin Luther King Peace March and Rally downtown.

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