Reaching for the stars: CDS students visit Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute
Posted 11/30/2017 11:53AM

Reaching for the stars

CDS students visit Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute

On Tuesday, November 28, the 8th grade class of Carolina Day School took a trip to the Pisgah Astronomical Research Institute as an extension of the astronomy unit they are doing in the classroom.

"We have been learning about the planets in our solar system in class, and while at PARI we had the opportunity to view the position of the planets and stars in the night sky in real time in their planetarium," said science teacher Dr. Karla Weidner. "Additionally, we also explored radio astronomy and some of the research being done by scientists at PARI to study far away stars and gas clouds. Our students even got to control PARI's radio telescopes remotely and point it at a star of their choosing!

"The purpose of this trip was to spark their interest beyond what we do in class, and based on their many questions to the experts we met, we clearly achieved that goal! We will continue to explore more topics in astronomy in science class and will finish our unit with an exploration of the challenges that humans will face as we attempt to colonize Mars. Students will have to find solutions to these problems and will build a model of their proposed Mars plan."

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See more photos from the trip here.

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