Savannah Fowler '18 Wins NY Times Poetry Award
Posted 11/29/2017 09:16AM

Savannah Fowler '18 Wins NY Times Poetry Award

Carolina Day School student, Savannah Fowler '18, was awarded an honorable mention for her poem submitted in the New York Times eighth annual Found Poem Contest.

According to the Times, "A total of 2,360 teenagers entered our eighth annual Found Poem Contest, more than double the number of entries in 2016. 

"To enter, students chose words and phrases from any New York Times article, then created poetry from them. As we note year after year, the work that stands out always does two things well: It shows a real love of, and care with, language, and it honors the Times source material in interesting ways."

Her winning entry:

You’re in a salon full of sky, a soulful mood.
It’s been more than 40 years,
Vintage examples cost a mint,
Basic black is the power look, painted in tempera and gold.
It’s a sweet notion, the gold of ripe wheat, but not the one you intended.
In art, the truth often lies in what’s been lost, cut loose, and sent elsewhere;
All over the map, eccentric.
Smoldering like a banked fire, immerse you in textured layers
Of the palest pink silk with embroidered roses at the hem.
A spa toned glow, a play of dramatic vistas.
They already know,
Art didn’t just exist; it happened.
It’s been more than 40 years and she tells you the most valuable thing art can tell you, loud and clear: You are here.

Congratulations, Savannah!

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