Amya Giger '18 Signs to Division I Volleyball
Posted 11/13/2017 10:25AM

Amya Giger '18 Signs to Division I Volleyball
Amya Giger '18 Signs to Division I Volleyball

The Carolina Day School community gathered on campus to celebrate NCAA Division I recruit Amya Giger ’18, who has signed to play volleyball with Appalachian State University.
“She’s a force to be reckoned with,” said Athletic Director Steve Henry. “Her sharp mind and athletic gifts are notable:  from numerous conference awards to All-WNC accolades, to national tournament recognition. But it’s her drive which has elevated her to this moment.”
Volleyball Coach Joanne Bartsch added, “During the time I coached Amya, while I admired and encouraged the exponential increase in the quality of her skills, I was most taken by the ways in which she wrestled with what I believe are far more difficult challenges of being a member of a team—of recognizing and supporting the contributions of everyone on the team, of leading in ways that may not result in recognition of self. I believe that her willingness to listen, to try, and to change, combined with her enthusiasm for volleyball and her exceptional physical skills, will make her an outstanding player, team member, and leader for the Appalachian Mountaineers.”
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