Student Unearths Rare Archeological Find
Posted 10/27/2017 04:05PM

Carolina Day School Student Discovers 450-year-old Crossbow Bolt Head

Asheville, NC…  Carolina Day School Grade six students explored an archeological dig near Morganton, on the site of the ancient Mississippian settlement of Joara, a native town and one of the earliest conquistador expeditions to the interior of North America.

As one member of the Class of 2024 sifted through her soil samples, she discovered a slender, two-inch piece of heavily oxidized metal that tapered to a crude point: the first crossbow bolt head ever found on the site. Spanish records indicate some 240 bolts in the expedition's equipment, this being the first unearthed. Middle School Principal Jeff Kalil said, “It was fantastic to see the excitement on the kids' faces, as they passed around a 450-year-old artifact, destined for the archeological collection at Warren Wilson College.”

“These authentic and unique experiences are critical to learning that engages students. Whether making archeological "firsts" with the 6th grade; exhibiting original artwork and essays in a downtown gallery space with the 7th grade; or examining global issues like immigration and the challenges faced by refugees in the 8th grade, CDS Middle School students are not merely filling out worksheets. Instead, they are making genuine discoveries and creating new scholarship and understanding to share with a wider audience. This is some of the most powerful teaching we can provide,” said Kalil.

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