Clothing Swap May 25
Posted 05/18/2017 09:09AM

Clothing Swap, Thursday, May 25

7:30 - 1:30, Alumni Gym


Shop for gently used CDS uniforms, athletic wear, PE shoes, CDS outerwear, and costumes. All proceeds go to the CDS Parent Association. Funds are used to buy items that directly benefit the students.


Last Day for Uniforms - Friday, May 19


Bring Your Clothing Items to Alumni Gym for Credit or Donation

Monday, May 22 - Wednesday May 24 
You can donate items or bring in items for credit toward shopping. PLEASE CLEARLY label bags with your name if you want shopping credit, or "donation" if you want your clothes donated to the event!


How the Clothing Swap Works:

You can just show up and buy clothing for next year at very good prices.

You can donate clothing with no intent to receive a credit.

You can sell your clothing for credit.

Clothing must be clean, gently used (free of stains or holes) uniform clothing, PE shoes, CDS athletic wear etc. For every item brought in, you will receive a certain dollar credit appointed to that item; for example, if you bring in four sweaters, you receive $6 credit per sweater for a total of $24. Then, when you shop, you can buy as many or as few items as you wish. When you check out, you will have $24 credit to your name. If you want to purchase $30 worth of items, you will owe $6 at check out.  You can pay in cash or check. 


Any credit you acquire from items brought in must be spent at that year's event or the remaining is donated to the Parent Association. Please do not come to the check-out line and request that your credit be given to another person. We do not want to be responsible for that. 


We also accept costumes! Any costumes are included: Halloween or school-required costumes. If you bring in a costume for credit, they will ALL be priced at $8, no matter how big or small.  Accessories will be $1. This is what you will be credited if you bring them in and this is the price at the sale.


Required costumes for specific grades:
PK: Letter People
1st: Appalachia Day (aprons, bonnets, overalls, plaid shirts, skirts etc)
2nd: Sock Hop (poodle skirts) and Pioneer Day
3rd: Ancient Rome Wax Museum
4th: Middle Ages costumes (knights etc), Presidential costumes


Any questions may be directed to Laura Sleater, Clothing Shop and Swap Committee Chair at  or 828-243-3899. Thank you!

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