Grade 2 Travels the Oregon Trail
Posted 04/26/2016 08:32AM


Ms. Sinnott and Ms. Havner’s Grade 2 classes traveled the Oregon Trail with wagons and pioneers. They were looking for new land and to expand territory for the United States so the British could not claim the territory. They encountered several obstacles along the trail, mudslides when they crossed the Snake River, rockslides when they crossed the Rockies, a Cholera epidemic, and even an encounter with Native Americans. The purpose of this unit was to understand if Westward Expansion was beneficial, tragic, or both. The students were acting out the final crossing of some of the Rockies as they arrived in Oregon. When they arrived, they unpacked their wagons, built their homes, and celebrated with biscuits and juice. To conclude this unit, the students wrote a paragraph expressing their opinion as to whether or not expansion was beneficial, tragic, or both. #CDSlearns



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