Fourth Grade STEM Rocket Challenge
Posted 02/12/2016 08:36AM

CDS fourth-graders completed a comprehensive unit on angles in their regular math class. In STEM class, students used their knowledge of angles to have a fun, hands-on challenge. The students built a foam rocket, added fins and a rubber band, and then they used a meter stick to launch their rockets.

By threading the rubber band over the end of the meter stick, they could pull back and release the rocket into the air. Because students were using a meter stick, they could measure exactly how far back they were pulling it before release. This distance measurement became a measurement of the thrust they were applying to the rocket. Additionally, their meter sticks had a protractor attached to it that would measure the angle of their launch. Students then practiced making adjustments to angles and thrust to determine where the rocket would land.  

STEM Coordinator Ian Riddell then placed targets across the gym floor and they were challenged to hit these targets. Patience and careful measurement would help them to be successful at this challenge. Each target had a different point value assigned to it. Their scores were tabulated and paper medals were awarded to teams with the highest score.


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