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A Dedicated Team of Professionals


From researching physics in a nuclear laboratory, teaching English in Malaysia, developing a math dictionary, working in children's publishing, reporting on television, being foster parents, to running the Boston marathon in record time, our faculty brings a variety of valuable experiences and insights to Key School.

With a commitment to professional development, our highly trained teachers use a unified, intentional, cohesive approach. Dedicated and caring, Key's teachers are committed to helping children become successful students.

Every teacher at Key School is Orton-Gillingham-trained. Each language teacher has completed a rigorous, supervised clinical teaching experience to ensure a high level of compentancy with multisensory structured language instructional principles. Math teachers are trained in the multisensory math principles and approach. Both language and math teachers use a five-step Orton-Gillingham-based lesson plan which includes visual, auditory, and kinesthetic teaching and ample review and reinforcement in a teaching-for-mastery environment. 

Key School provides its own teacher training to all faculty, under the supervision of a Fellow of the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators (AOGPE). Key uses the curriculum standards of AOGPE and is accredited by the International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council (IMSLEC). Teachers are in the mindset of continuous improvement and lifelong learning. Two-thirds of the faculty have passed a national certifying examination and are credentialed at the Certified Academic Language Practitioner level or the Certified Academic Language Therapist level.

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Angie Bryant
Key School Grade 8 Language Comprehensive and Grade 7 Social Studies
(828) 274-0758 ext. 460 (School)
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Matthew Buchanan
Key School Grade 5
(828) 274-0758 ext. 149 (School)
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Jane Corbin
KLS/KMS Music Teacher
(828) 274-0758 ext. 371 (School)
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Mark Driscoll
Key School Teacher
Head Coach - Cross-Country and Track & Field
(828) 274-0758 ext. 355 (School)
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Kelly Dwoinen
Key Third Grade Math & Talents
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Karen Edwards
Key School Grade 4 Team
(828) 274-0758 ext. 229 (School)
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Chrissie Fekete
Key School Grade 6
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Betsey Gaddy
Lower School Kindergarten Teacher & Key School Talents
(828) 274-0758 ext. 216 (School)
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Tracy Griffin
Key School Dual Language Comprehensive 5th Grade
Middle School Study Support
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Barbara Groh
Key School 2 Grade
(828) 274-0758 ext. 162 (School)
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Anna Hall
Key School Language/Art Teacher
(828) 274-0758 ext. 221 (School)
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Amy Hathaway
Key School Grade 4 Math and Science
Mary Holmes
Key School 2nd Grade Teacher
(828) 274-0758 ext. 338 (School)
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Karen Howell
Grade 2 Language Comprehensive Teacher & Talents
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Stephanie Howell
Lower School/Key School Librarian
(828) 274-0758 ext. 328 (School)
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Michael Karp
Math Teacher
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Karen Kinzer
Key School Administrative Assistant
(828) 274-3311 (School)
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Meredith MacKenzie
Key School Language & Reading Comprehension
(828) 274-0758 ext. 434 (School)
Paco Marmolejos
Key School Middle School Team
(828) 274-0758 ext. 249 (School)
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Diane Milner Dr.
Key School Principal/ Teacher Training Fellow
(828) 274-0758 ext. 330 (School)
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Emily O'Neil
Key School Grade 5
(828) 274-0758 ext. 351 (School)
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Sara Quesinberry
Key School Grade 5
(828) 274-0758 ext. 161 (School)
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Wendy Ricks
Key School Grade 2
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Debra Rosenblum
Middle School Study Support
Key Middle School LC Teacher
(828) 274-0758 ext. 142 (School)
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Tamara Rutledge
Key School Grade 3 Language Comprehensive Teacher/Team Leader
(828) 274-0758 ext. 135 (School)
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Mary Jo van Dalen
Grade 5 Language Comprehensive and Talents
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Kate Watts
Grades 4 & 5 Team/Multisensory Math
(828) 274-0758 ext. 458 (School)
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Rebecca Weston
Key School Grade 8 Math/Science
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