Key School Goals

  • Close the gap between academic performance and student potential

  • Provide diagnostic/prescriptive, multisensory language instruction to develop new pathways for learning to read, write, and spell

  • Develop an understanding of math concepts beginning with the concrete, moving to the representational, and then to the abstract using multisensory math instruction

  • Provide a comprehensive college preparatory curriculum enabling students to succeed in their transition beyond Key School

  • Enable students to experience success and to accept and value themselves in a safe, supportive environment by educating the mind, the heart, the body, and the human spirit

  • Inspire lifelong success by developing critical thinking skills, independence, self-advocacy, organization, planning, and time-management

  • Provide support and education to the families of our students

  • Develop a partnership with public schools and home schools and to serve as a resource to the community.


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