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Anna Hall

Faculty Information
Location(s) Key School
Title(s) Key School Language/Art Teacher
Contact Information
School Email
School Phone
(828) 274-0758   x221
Degree(s) B.A. in Psychology, Converse College 2000
B.F.A. in Art, Converse College 2000
Other Information
Anna Hall is a language and art teacher at the Key School and has been working at Carolina Day School since 2005. She has a BFA in art from Converse College as well as a NC teaching certificate for Elementary Education K-6. Anna is currently working toward becoming certified with the Orton-Academy.
Get to know Anna Hall:
In what ways can you teach/engage children at CDS that you couldn't at other schools? “At CDS, we are given more time to focus on or teach particular topics which lends itself to having more teachable moments. Many times I’m able to delve as deeply into a topic as the students want to go.”
What do you like most about your job at CDS? “I enjoy teaching art. I’ve always enjoyed playing with art supplies, and now I can do it on a daily basis. I also like how creative my students are. Sometimes they guide the art projects with their curiosity.”
In your opinion, how does the CDS community inspire students to be courageous and curious, wonder about things that they don’t understand, try new things, and develop individual passions?As a school, we value the individual. Each child (and parent) is allowed to have a voice and it is heard and responded to. At the Key School, we spend a great deal of time supporting student’s talents. We are dedicated to helping each child find their passion and pursue it.”
How would you describe your classroom? I like to think I have a classroom that supports many types of learning whether it be in my language classes or in art. I try to surround my students with various opportunities to learn and grow.”
What books and authors inspire you?
“People who inspire me are Diana King and Ron Yoshimoto.
Several artists that I’ve enjoyed learning about are Georgia O’Keefe, Degas, Van Gogh, Warhol, Andrew Wyeth.”
What is your favorite quote about education, mentorship, children, and/or learning? “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” - Pablo Picasso”
How would you describe yourself and/or your approach to your job in 10 words or less? I strive to inspire my students to become independent and creatively solve artistic challenges.”  
What personal passion brings balance to your life? “I just recently had my first child so expanding my family has become a passion. It is hard work but the rewards have surpassed all my expectations. I also enjoy spending time in nature whether it be on a walk or a hike in the woods.”
Is there anything else we should know about you and your work?  “I enjoy many parts of my job, but mostly I enjoy being with the students. They always make life fun and interesting.”
How is CDS different from what you experienced as a child in school? “My own education differs from that offered at CDS. At Carolina Day, we differentiate our teaching to address our student’s learning profiles. We also do a really good job of teaching our students to communicate whether it is in an essay or in an email. I wish I had had the same opportunity to learn to communicate early on.”

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