Sports Medicine

Our partnership with Mission Sports Medicine allows us to meet the needs of our large and active athletic community. As a requirement of our relationship with MSM, all student-athletes sign the release form. This form allows the MSM athletic trainer to evaluate and treat your child and to communicate treatment and care as needed to coaches, school nurses, physician, athletic staff, and other medical professionals involved in your child’s care.

Pre­-Participation Physical Exam - Carolina Day School 

It is department policy that any child in grades 6­-12 that wishes to participate in the CDS athletic program must have a yearly pre­-participation physical on file in the athletic department. Students will not be allowed to participate in any CDS practice/match/game without this document on file. This form must be filled out by a physician.

Gfeller-­Waller Concussion Awareness Act

To increase and ensure the safety of our student ­ athletes, we have implemented a concussion management protocol in accordance with the Gfeller­Waller Concussion Awareness Act. There are three major areas of focus in the law and these include: education, emergency action and post­concussion protocol implementation; and clearance/return to play or practice following concussion. Student–athletes in grades 6­-12 will take a neurocognitive computer test through ImPACT; this will serve as a baseline should your athlete sustain a concussion. In addition, all student-­athletes and their parents must review this Concussion Information Sheet and sign and return page 2 to the athletic department.


Sudden Cardiac Death in Young Athletes

Please also take a moment to review the information sheets on Sudden Cardiac Death and return the second page of this form to the athletic department.

  • The safety of your child is paramount. If your child has an existing medical condition that you believe needs to be discussed, please do so.

  • Water will be available at all practices. Please have your student­athlete bring a water bottle on a daily basis.

  • If an injury occurs and your child misses practice and/ or a competitive match as a result, he/she will not be able to return to practice and/or competition without assessment from our athletic training staff or written permission from your child’s physician. 


Meet Your Doctor- Aaron Vaughan, MD

"I have always been an avid athlete and feel fortunate to combine my passion in sports and medicine. I look forward to providing medical care for athletes of all ages, providing a service to the community, and getting athletes back to what they love doing most…PLAYING!"

Dr. Vaughan, Team Physician

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