The Student-Athlete Experience

The Value of Sport in Education

We believe in the value of play, opportunity, and the lasting memories created by participating with friends in a challenging academic environment that respects and values the role of interscholastic athletics. In keeping with this spirit, we seek to nurture a student’s athletic abilities appropriately and progressively through a wide variety of sports.

There is a direct relationship between play/exercise and learning, and it is a relationship that creates the framework for the Carolina Day School athletic program. As science has proven time and time again, when you exercise the body, you exercise the mind. When students have an opportunity to move and play - whether engaging in a game of tag or competing in a Wildcat uniform - it translates to sharper focus in the classroom. At Carolina Day School, we understand this value.

At CDS, we believe success on the field and in the classroom go hand in hand and student-athletes can and should have both. Our goal is to pursue athletics in the same way that we teach and learn in the classroom: with engineering for desired outcomes. We’ve created an athletics program that instills and prioritizes health, positive teaching and mentor relationships, discipline, commitment, and play. And it’s this athletic philosophy that helps us continue to secure state and conference titles and attract nationally ranked players, even with an intentionally smaller student body than surrounding schools.

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