Thank You, Donors!

During the past 25 years, Carolina Day School has witnessed sizable change and growth in student numbers, in expanded physical facilities, and in the breadth and quality of its programs. None of this would have been possible without the generous support of the Carolina Day School family — its trustees, faculty and staff, parents, alumnae/i, grandparents, alumni parents, and friends.

As an independent school, Carolina Day School receives no financial support from federal, state, or local governments. Tuition covers only part of our operating budget. After that, gifts raised through our Annual Fund campaign help make up the difference.

The importance of the Annual Fund cannot be overstated. We cannot run our school today without it. Looking to the future, it also provides a solid foundation on which to realize our dreams of future enhancements, growth, and faculty development.

As a member of the Carolina Day School community, you can help us meet our responsibilities today and build toward our future. Your investment will pay off for generations to come.

Donate today or make a check payable to Carolina Day School and send to Carolina Day School, Attn: Advancement Office, 1345 Hendersonville Road, Asheville, North Carolina 28803. Contact Jennifer Bock with questions about your gift.

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Annual Fund

Gifts of $2,500 and above are considered Leadership Donor level gifts.

Please inform Molly Whatley at Wells Fargo Advisors (828) 255-4920 or (800) 252-0546, of the approximate date of delivery of the stock and of your name so that she can prepare to receive the stock. Wells Fargo Advisors DTC # 0141 for credit to the account of Carolina Day School, Inc. account: #2130-0672​

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