Behavior Protocols

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It is our expectation that all campers will be positive members of our camp community, have an open mind, and be adventurous and fun to be around. It is our hope that you will be part of our camp family this summer. To support Camp Bell's approach towards building community, we ask that you review our guidelines for positive behavior, steps for addressing disciplinary challenges, and consequences for such behaviors and discuss them with your camper prior to the session.

Guidelines for Positive Behavior 

Discipline leads to the development of self-respect and the creation of community. We believe that it is a subject that must be led by example and taught, just as reading and math are taught. Year by year, children are in the process of learning appropriate behaviors. Because discipline is essential to the social success of each child and to his/her moral development, we will take the time to work with students, individually and as a group, to develop an understanding of appropriate behavior. When necessary, we will follow through with consequences for inappropriate behavior. Most routine disciplinary matters will be handled by the counselor(s). Depending on the severity of the situation, a counselor may use his/her discretion to immediately involve the Director. 

Disciplinary Procedures 

When a student does not adhere to camp rules, the following two-pronged approach will be taken: 

  1. The campers involved in the incident will speak with the Director to evaluate his/her behavior. A major goal is to encourage the camper to assess his/her behavior to determine why it is inappropriate. 
  2. In most cases, the Director will invite the student(s) to problem-solve with the counselor. The most significant aspect of this step consists of helping the student to identify specific ways to change inappropriate behavior into successful behavior. By involving the counselor, campers will be given an opportunity to take responsibility for their part in the situation, identify better choices, and re-enter the community. At this point, parents will be notified so that they can work with the camp to bring about the desired changes in behavior and/or attitude. The Director will follow up with the counselor to assess the progress. 


The following behavior cannot be accepted and will result in the child being sent home immediately: 

  1. Any actions that jeopardize the safety of other children or of the child him/herself. 
  2. Defiance of a counselor or refusal to follow directions given by the adult in charge. Repeated incidences of dangerous actions toward others, defiance of adult authority, or dishonest behavior (lying, cheating, or stealing) may result in suspension or expulsion from Camp Bell at Carolina Day School. 

The purpose of our approach to discipline is to give the most support possible to our students as they work to develop the self-discipline necessary to become respectful and responsible members of the camp community. We continually strive to affirm the development of self-respect, deep appreciation for the dignity of each individual, and empathy for the rights and needs of others. However, if the child is not responsive and continues to manifest behaviors that threaten individuals or the security and harmony of the camp community, action will be taken to ensure the safety of others and to ensure that the values of the community are upheld. 


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