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Pre-Camp Check List

Spring (March–early May)

  • Complete all required forms by the due dates
  • Health Form (includes Allergy and Medication information)
  • Upload picture to the application
  • Please read the Medical Policies section bringing medications to camp to be administered. Compliance with our medication policy and process is required for all medications taken on a daily basis, whether prescription or over-the-counter.  This includes “As needed” medications. We appreciate your mandatory compliance with our policy.
  • Confirm you have everything you need to bring to camp each day.
  • Label all personal items with the camper’s first and last name.

Late Spring (April–First Day of Camp)

Here are many ways to help your son and daughter prepare for camp. Review a typical day at camp and remind them it is just like a school day, but a lot of fun and different. Below are some other suggestions to help prepare. You may want to check with your local library or online for other resource materials.

  • American Camp Association (ACA) is a fantastic resource. Currently, Camp Bell is in the discovery process of becoming accredited by the ACA. This is an intense lengthy process and is important that we are learning and staying up-to-date with the best practices of the camp industry. Camp Bell's program is designed and implemented with these best practices in mind while uniquely defining its program and values.
  • Read books or watch videos about going to camp. Here are some great suggestions by Dr. Chris Thurber: The Secret Ingredients of Summer Camp Success, a DVD found at; and The Summer Camp Handbook, available to view online at
  • Talk with other parents and friends whose children have gone to camp, both residential or day camps.
  • Become familiar with camp schedules and procedures.
  • Prepare your camper for the First Day connection to camp. It should be a quick process to say your goodbyes once you have met your counselor and visited with the Registered Nurse, if necessary, regarding any last-minute issues. During your arrival, games and activities with the other campers will be taking place in the Alumni Gym to help the campers become acquainted. Lingering on your part will make the integration into camp more difficult for your child.
  • Prepare your camper to care for himself. Problem-solve with your camper, anticipating problems like, “What if… I lose something, or don’t feel well, etc.”
  • Role play about how to respond to camp situations.
  • Be positive about upcoming experiences at camp. Avoid statements like, “I know you will have a great time at camp, but I will miss you so much today.” or “I know you are excited about going to camp, but will you miss me, or going to the pool with your cousin?”
  • Let your child know there are many people they can speak with at camp if they have any concerns or anything to share about their experience here:  their counselor; the Nurse; or Jim "Goody" Goodrum, the Director. 

What to bring each day

  • Daypack
  • Water Bottle
  • Rain Coat or Poncho
  • Fleece (optional)
  • Towel
  • Extra change of clothes
  • Hat
  • Shoes—including shoes that can get wet. (See Footwear Policy.)

Important Information

Footwear Policy

To prevent injuries to staff and campers, athletic shoes should be worn at all times. Crocs, flip-flops, and sandals without a heel strap are not appropriate for camp. Due to the varied terrain and active culture, closed-toe shoes and socks are recommended.

Lost & Found

All items left at camp at the end of the day will be placed in Camp Bell's Lost & Found area located in the Lower School on the bottom floor of Love Hall at the base of the stairs near the elevator. It is highly recommended to check lost & found a couple of times during the week, especially on Friday (Closing Day). Any unclaimed items from the summer will be disposed of properly, donated, or recycled.

Personal Items

Please make sure that all personal items are labeled with the camper's first and last name. No initials.

In order to avoid distraction, toys of any kind (including sports equipment) cannot be brought to camp unless specifically requested by a staff member. Camp Bell is not responsible for any lost or damaged items. It is the responsibility of the camper to keep up with their belongings each day.  




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