We encourage all middle school students to play for middle school teams and enjoy the social benefits of this experience, we understand that some students aspire to play, believing they are physically, mentally, and possess exceptional skills, for the CDS Upper School JV or Varsity teams while they are in middle school.

Overview of Process

The North Carolina Independent Schools Athletic Association, our governing body, allows 7th and 8th graders to play at the junior varsity and varsity level. If your 7th or 8th-grade son or daughter desires to compete at one of these two levels, permission must be granted by the Director of Athletics.

For those middle school student-athletes wishing to try-out for a junior varsity or varsity team, the following steps must be followed:

  1. You or your child must notify the Athletic Department that your child would like to be considered for a junior varsity or a varsity team.

  2. Once this notice has been received and documented, the Athletic Director will schedule a meeting with the following parties:

    a. Coach(es) of the junior varsity or varsity program in which the student-athlete wishes to compete for a spot.

    b. Parent(s) or Guardian(s) of the student-athlete.

    c. Athletic Department Personnel.

  3. During this mandatory meeting, the following will be discussed:

    a. Reasons for the request.

    b. Process.

    c. Expectations of parent(s) or guardian(s).

    d. Expectations of student-athlete.

    e. Expectations of varsity or junior varsity coach.

    f. Expectations of the Athletic Department.

  4. After a thorough review of the request, which may include a three (3) or four (4) day evaluation, a decision will be made as to the request.

While the physical abilities of the student-athlete will be an important factor in the decision to allow him or her to play up, please be aware that the Varsity or Junior Varsity coaches do not have the authority to place a 7th or 8th grader on their respective teams. The final decision will come from the Athletic Department.

Additionally, student-athletes placed on a varsity or junior varsity team will not have the ability to play for both the middle school and a junior varsity or varsity team - if a student-athlete “plays up,” they stay up for the duration of that particular season.

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