Student Ambassadors

Meet our Upper School student ambassadors! These students were selected on the basis of leadership and community spirit to serve as campus tour guides for prospective students and parents. We asked each of them to tell us why they love CDS, and captured their answers in the video clips below. We hope you enjoy learning about our community and culture through their words.

Jacob '19

Ask Me About: Key School, CDS Swimming, AP Euro, Honor Council, Theatre
"One of the best things about Carolina Day is the Honor Code. The Honor Code promotes an environment of respect in the Upper School. Teachers trust students, which empowers us to step up and make good choices."

Anna Kate '19

"What makes CDS different is how much the the teachers work to get to know each student individually, which makes the learning experience unique to each student."

Ryan '17

Cassidy '18

Ask Me About: Field Hockey, Yearbook, Clubs
“Carolina Day has been a huge part of my life everyday for 13 years. I started here in Pre-K and have loved it ever since. Carolina Day is a home to me and I know it always will be.” 

Clara '18

Ask Me About: AP Classes, Volleyball

“The thing that I really love about CDS is the teaching methods and the teachers as people. They care so much about their students and want them to succeed in their class. Also, the small class sizes are is extremely helpful because you can have more one on one time with you teachers.”

Henry '17

Jackson '17

Thomas '18

Ask Me About: New Student Experience, Soccer, Basketball, AP's, Theatre, Clubs

Molly '18

Ask Me About: Soccer, Key School, and the CDS atmosphere 

"I have been at Carolina Day since I was in Pre-K. I thought it would be a good idea to change things up a little and switch to a larger public school for my freshman year, but I quickly realized that Carolina Day was an atmosphere I never wanted to leave. I returned my sophomore year and have never felt more welcomed. Upon my return, I have become president of a club, played varsity soccer and field hockey, and challenged myself academically."

Elizabeth '17

Ask Me About: Field Hockey, Archery, Science, Diversity, Spanish 
"At CDS, everyone cares about more than just their homework or the next big test. They care about how your day is going or what you're looking forward to about this weekend. Both students and teachers are interested in you and who you are and that's what makes Carolina Day School such a strong community and such a special place."

Emily '17

Ask Me About: Varsity Soccer
"My favorite things about CDS are the secure feeling of community and the kind, loving people who make this school so great. Of all the wonderful things I know I will remember forever about Carolina Day School it's 'once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat!'"

Caroline '18

Ask Me About: AP classes, Spanish, Dancing, Time management
"Something that makes CDS different is that we have a very diverse community, including foreign exchange students that stay with a host family throughout a part of the year. I have had an amazing experience at CDS, and the students and teachers continue to make me feel more welcome every single day." 

Adelaide '19

Ask Me About: AP Euro, Enriched Math, Tae-Kwon-Do (PE credits) 
"My favorite thing about CDS is the small class sizes. It helps build really close teacher-student relationships, and that is something that isn't easy to do in other schools."

Margaret '18

Ask Me About: Cross Country, Track, Lower and Middle School 
"CDS teachers are always available to help you with whatever you need. In class, they will answer any questions you have and try to explain things in a different way if you don't understand. Out of class they will help you during tutorial or before school with anything you have questions about. All of the teachers care about you and your success."

Elizabeth '17

"The rich learning environment, close community, and incredible array of courses, activities, and sports lets me feel like I belong, and creates an amazing high school experience that I wouldn’t trade for the world." 

Kathleen '18

Ask Me About: Debate, Math, Cross Country, Track and Field
"I love Carolina Day because I have the freedom to be myself. I don't feel I have to fit in any sort of group or stereotype. In fact, I won't try to fit in because my school has taught me the importance of sticking to my values. I love Carolina Day because I am celebrated for being my own person."

Eva '17

Ask Me About: Theatre, AP English classes, Swim Team, Honor Council/Code
"Part of what I love most at Carolina Day is all the opportunities that are presented to try new things; whether it be a sport, a club, or running for student government, everyone is given equal opportunity. It's hard to go to Carolina Day and not get yourself involved in sports or theatre or clubs, even if you never thought you would set foot on a stage in your entire life."

Bella '18

“I chose Carolina Day School because I value the close student teacher relationships and how they are dedicated to preparing you to thrive wherever your educational endeavors take you next. I love that the honor code establishes honesty, trust in the student body, and that it serves as a building block of mutual respect in the community between students and adults.”

Carson '18

Ask Me About: Study Support, Yearbook, Ap English, Theatre, Spanish, Student/Teacher Relationships, Volleyball, Soccer
"Carolina Day School is more than just a regular college preparatory school. We learn about the regular core subjects but we are also put invited into an environment that lets us learn about ourselves and the world around us. The supportive community extends past just the faculty and personally, makes me feel like more than just a number in a grade book. CDS has given me tools that I can use beyond the classroom and take with me even after I leave this community."

Royster '18

"Going to school with people and teachers who respect and love knowledge allows for me to fully submerse myself in what I am learning and to obtain a deeper understanding of the material."

Brooks '18

Ask Me About: AP European History, Chemistry, Studio Art, Key School, Soccer, Golf, Skiing/Ski Racing
"I have dyslexia, which has made things like reading not come easily to me. In second grade, I moved to the Key School. Without that opportunity I wouldn’t be where I am today academically."
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