At Carolina Day School, we are proud of our successful athletic program, and especially proud of the processes we use to achieve these outcomes.

With an emphasis on the whole student-athlete, our balanced approach creates young men and women who process, reflect, find their voice, analyze performance, and learn how to use mistakes to their advantage---- as learning tools for understanding----both in class and in uniform.

Through a wide variety of programs directed by committed, professional, highly qualified coaches, we shepherd athletic growth from Grades Pre-K through 12 with age-appropriate activity and perspective.

We believe in love of sport, importance of competition, and passion for improvement and success.

At Carolina Day School, we play smarter.

Hear more about playing smarter from Thomas Davids '18. 

What can we do to help our student athletes play smarter? What do they need to be safe, competitive, and have fun? This page provides helpful links and resources in categories submitted by parents of student athletes. 

Student athletes need a balance of the following in their daily lives. Click each topic.


Hydration is critical for athletes. What's the right amount? How about sports drinks? Find out the answers to these questions and more.

What to Drink for Proper Hydration During Exercise


Food is fuel. What's the best-odds diet for a high-school athlete? What foods should be avoided?

Nutrition 101 for High School Athletes


Sleep is critical for athlete bodies and brains to rejuvenate and restore. Is more sleep really better?

Sleep and the Athlete: Time to Wake Up to the Need for Sleep


Balancing and managing time can be a challenge for student athletes. Why is this important?

Tips for Helping Teens Balance School and Sports


There is the intensity of practice and there is play for playing's sake. What is play and what role does it play in overall health?

Can We Play?
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