Prepare for the SAT/ACT 

Here's your chance to prepare for the math portions of both the SAT and ACT with an intensive spring study session hosted by Key Learning Center's Tutoring Connection at Carolina Day School. 

Geometry Test Prep Intensive

SAT/ACT Geometry Prep

Instructor: Andrew Bednarzik

Length of course: 2.5 hours

Cost: $135 (plus $175 materials fee)

Thursday, May 16,  6–8:30 p.m.


Description of course:

Geometry is one the core concepts on the SAT and ACT. Because current high school math curricula integrate Geometry into math classes but do not dedicate a class solely to learning Geometry, some students have expressed that they feel unprepared for the quantity of Geometry questions they encounter on the SAT/ACT. In addition, the way standardized test questions are asked and the type of Geometry concepts involved are different than a normal math class would teach, and these questions often require different approaches. Years of experience helping students prepare for these tests have allowed me to identify the most important Geometry concepts to teach in order to help students gain confidence in their Geometry skills. This intensive will be a valuable 2.5 hours for any student preparing for the early summer or fall SAT or ACT. 

Who is the instructor?

Andrew is a graduate of Columbia University and has been tutoring for the SAT and ACT since 2003. His Test Prep training occurred at a reputable test prep company in Boston, MA and he has been tutoring through the Tutoring Connection at Carolina Day School since 2008. Andrew’s focus is the math portions of the SAT and ACT. In addition to having an almost perfect score the SAT Math, Andrew progressed through three semesters of college Calculus at Columbia’s Engineering School before decided to change courses and study psychology. Andrew now has a Private Counseling practice in Asheville and tutors math and Test Prep on the side. Relating with students and understanding how to relay the information in a way that students can digest are Andrew’s strengths as an instructor.

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