Why invest in a CDS education?

Investing in a Carolina Day School education yields a lifetime of value for your child. 

Our goal is for every single graduate to leave CDS with a love of learning and critical life skills; these enduring outcomes are equally as important as excellence in college stats, test scores, and transcripts. At Carolina Day School, it's about the journey and the destination.

  • Intellectual Curiosity – We spark curiosity and ignite intellectual pursuit by asking students to question, explore in depth, consider multiple perspectives, and regularly reflect and evaluate their learning.

  • Character – Honor, integrity, and empathy, guided by respect and a deep understanding for the people and the world around us, are key to nurturing responsible students of sound character. We share a commitment to integrity, respect, good citizenship, and honorable behavior through active dialogue and service to others.

  • Confidence – Each student is a unique learner with unlimited potential for growth. Our programs in each division are carefully designed based on a keen understanding of students’ cognitive, social, and emotional development, and we design curriculum, develop programs, and create flexible classroom environments that provide each student with the opportunity to find success.

  • Resilience – Courageous learners embrace obstacles and unlock challenges by designing creative approaches and solutions. Our students engage in inquiry and exploration—both independently and collaboratively—to become self-reliant, creative, resilient learners who view setbacks as opportunities to pursue new paths and ideas.

  • Relationships — Students' lives are enriched by being part of a closely knit campus community where meaningful relationships with adults create a safe, caring environment to play, work, and learn. We know, love, and care deeply about our students and are determined to help them find joy and success on their CDS journey and beyond.

Advantages of a CDS Education

Commitment to Excellence
  • We build an exceptional team by attracting, retaining, and developing the highest quality faculty.

  • We maintain facilities that provide optimal learning spaces for our students.

  • We keep class size at best-practice levels for social, emotional, and intellectual development of our students.

  • We complement our rich academics with a wide variety of quality programs that support student character growth, confidence, physical fitness, and friendships.

  • We create an inclusive community that reflects the world around us.

  • We reach beyond the classroom by providing co-curricular experiences such as community service, field trips, outdoor learning, and gardening.

  • We offer music and art at every level.

  • We provide access to nine honors courses and 14 AP courses.

  • We offer real-world course offerings in public speaking, financial literacy, computer programming, research skills, and emotional intelligence.

  • Our college application process begins in Grade 9 and progresses to a CDS Sophomore College Trip, followed by individual coaching and guidance.

  • Our experienced, dedicated college counselor has close relationships with colleges and universities across the nation.

  • Our process includes individual college counseling meetings with students and parents, as well as workshops on affording college and other topics.

  • We organize a vigorous college representative visit schedule for students to meet directly with college admission representatives on our campus.

  • Our graduate college list includes 118 different colleges to which 2012-2015 CDS graduates have matriculated. 

Alumni Network
  • The CDS alumni network is comprised of more than 4,000 alumni who live in all 50 states and several countries.

  • There are internship opportunities with alumni-run organizations and business.

  • Alumni gather year-round for events and celebrations.


Please note that activity fees are included in tuition. 

  • Pre-K Full Day: $15,630

  • Kindergarten: $18,460

  • Grades 1-4: $21,140

  • Grades 5-7: $23,145

  • Grades 8-10: $25,825

  • Grades 11-12: $26,950

  • Key School (grades 2-8): $37,800


Tuition Includes (all grades): Activity fees, most textbooks, most local field trips, lab and studio fees, and PSAT and ERB testing

2018-19 Tuition Planner

2018-19 Tuition Planner Supplemental Programs


Additional financial considerations:

Grades 6-12: Required personal technology device (laptop, tablet)
Grades 8-12: Optional international trip
Grades 9-12: AP exam fees, college entrance exam fees (ACT, SAT)
Grade 12: Graduation expenses such as cap and gown, invitations, class rings 

Not included in tuition are: lunches, bus fees, calculators and other similar school supplies; some local and out-of-town field trips; yearbook or student photos; and individualized programs or special tutoring

For tuition assistance requests: childerbran@carolinaday.org

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