Middle School Admission Process

Applying to Grades 6-8

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Middle School Campus Visit

For families who live in the Asheville area, we have set aside some dates for you and your child to visit CDS. If you are relocating or if the dates we have do not work for you, we will work with you to schedule your visit at your convenience.

While students visit the classes of their peers, we meet with parents and tour the school. Student visits last between two and three hours. Be sure to fill out the online Contact and Emergency Information Form before your visit.

Visits must occur by:
November 15 for a Winter Decision
February 1 for a Spring Decision

Parent Perspective

We ask you to submit a Parent Perspective online as a way for you to reflect on your own education, your child as a learner, and how you imagine your child might thrive here at CDS. If applying for more than one child, feel free to copy/paste anything that applies to your other children. If more than one parent would like to submit a response, feel free to upload as Supplemental Information a word document or PDF to each child’s portal page or email it to us at enrollment@carolinaday.org with your child’s name on the page.

Due: November 15 for a Winter Decision

        February 1 for a Spring Decision

Teacher Recommendation and Records Release Form

Through the portal, you will be able to invite your student’s English and Math teachers to access our Teacher Recommendation Form. The teachers will submit them directly to us online through the portal. You may also choose to submit a third (optional) Recommendation Form from someone else (a coach, a teacher in another subject area, a tutor, or youth leader, etc.) who knows your child well and can provide an additional perspective. (Please note that you invite this recommender in the Optional Steps section of your checklist.)

Please download the Records Release Form available on the portal and give it to your school so they can provide us with your child’s official school reports for the 2015-16 school year and the year-to-date. Official transcripts must come directly from the school and are be treated as confidential.

Due: November 15 for a Winter Decision

        February 1 for a Spring Decision


Once we have received your application, we will send you a list of licensed educational psychologists in western North Carolina who have agreed to administer the KBIT-2 (a measure of aptitude) and the KTEA-3 brief (a measure of achievement). The psychologist will send the testing results to you and to us.

Relocating families are welcome to have their children evaluated in their current location by a licensed educational psychologist who will then submit the results to us.

Due: November 15 for a Winter Decision

        February 1 for a Spring Decision
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