2019-2020 Orton-Gillingham Training Institutes

The Key Multisensory Structured Language Education:

Orton-Gillingham Approach to Reading, Spelling, and Writing

**All Klc 2020 Training Institutes listed below are now closed as we have reached capacity**

Thank you for your continued interest in the professional development opportunities of Key Learning Center!

KLC offers four levels of accredited Orton-Gillingham (O-G) courses.

Registration for all KLC Institute Courses is handled via an interview process. Please contact Candice Sellers for registration interview: csellers@carolinaday.org or call 828-274-0758 ext 405.

Level 1 

Key Foundations of Orton-Gillingham - Associate Part I

April 24-25 & May 15-16, 2020 (4 day course)

This 30-hour course provides educators and parents with an overview of the Orton-Gillingham principles of instruction, the structure of the English language, and explicit strategies for teaching reading and writing at the primary grades or for remediation of older struggling readers. It is part one of the full Associate-Teaching Level. The course is offered in two sessions. (The full Associate course is offered in two parts.)

Cost includes prerequisite online course, all training books, Key Learning Center manuals and phonogram card decks. 

Program Presenters: 

Candice Sellers - AOGPE Fellow, IMSLEC Instructor of Therapy, and CALT with ALTA and KLC Training team

Contact csellers@carolinaday.org   

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Level ll 
Key Orton-Gillingham - Associate Part II

June 18-19 & 22–26, 2020 (7 day course)

The 55-hour Key Associate – Teaching Level course, when combined with Key Foundations completes the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators coursework requirements at the Associate level. It also meets the requirements for Teaching Level IMSLEC coursework.

In this course, trainees work directly with a student teaching five O-G lessons that utilize the principles and strategies of the O-G Approach. Hands-on experience with assessment, data analysis, lesson planning, and O-G teaching are central to this course. Each trainee works in a small learning community of 3:1 under the close supervision of an experienced O-G practitioner.

Prerequisites: Key Learning Center's "Key Foundations of O-G - Associate Part I" and "AOGPE 10 hour pre-requisite online course"

Cost includes supplemental teaching books and resource materials and a 1:1 student teaching experience with individualized trainee support by an experienced Language Coach.

Discounted rate available for taking both Foundations and Associate courses in 2020

Program Presenters: 

Candice Sellers - AOGPE Fellow, IMSLEC Instructor of Therapy, and CALT with ALTA and KLC Training team

Contact csellers@carolinaday.org

Full details and printable flyer

About the Supervised Clinical Teaching Practicum: As a follow-up to the Associate course, a supervised teaching practicum offers teachers and tutors the opportunity to obtain continued support from an experienced O-G practitioner while working with a group, class, or one-to-one over a nine-month period in their own school or clinical setting. The practicum component is a requirement for credentialing at the Certified Academic Language Practitioner Level or Classroom Educator Level.  *The practicum is a separate fee from the coursework.

Level lll
Key Orton-Gillingham Bridge from Basic to Advanced- Certified Part 1

April 24-25 & May 15-16, 2020 (4 day course)

This 25-hour course offers trained Orton-Gillingham teachers and tutors the bridge from basic phonology to higher level language skills. It includes a review of phonics and basic grammar concepts along with an introduction to the advanced levels of English morphology and writing. It is open to those who have completed an Introduction to Orton-Gillingham and/or an Associate level course. With prior approval, this course is open to middle and high school teachers seeking a background in morphology and structured writing. Cost:$775 includes Key Training Manual Level II, Key’s teaching resource handbook and teachings materials.

Program Presenters:

Meredith MacKenzie - Fellow in Training with the Academy of Orton-Gillingham and KLC Training Team

Contact csellers@carolinaday.org

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Key Orton-Gillingham Certified - Advanced Part 2, 55 hours

7 day course

This 55-hour advanced level course focuses on the remediation of dyslexia and related language-based learning challenges in the older student. It includes lectures, small-group activities, and hands-on practice teaching with older students. Observations of experienced Orton-Gillingham teachers working with older students completes this training by giving participants ample real-life experiences. Together, this and the Bridge course meet the AOGPE Certified level coursework requirements.

Prerequisites: O-G Foundations, Associate, and Bridge. Completion of the Associate Level Practicum is highly recommended.

Certification Practicum: Participants continue their training through an advanced-level supervised teaching practicum working with older students with the support of an experienced master level O-G practitioner. The practicum component is a requirement for certification at the Therapy/Certified level.  *The practicum is a separate fee from the coursework.

Contact csellers@carolinaday.org  

Full details and printable flyer


About Accredited Training Programs:

There are three internationally recognized institutions that accredit multisensory structured language training programs. Key Learning Center maintains accreditation with each of these organizations:



About becoming Certified as an Orton-Gillingham Teacher or Tutor:

Key Learning Center offers training that is accredited by the major international organizations that accredit high-quality programs meeting rigorous standards.

Certification as an Orton-Gillingham Practitioner or an Academic Language Practitioner comes through these organizations: