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The Key Multisensory Structured Language Education:

Orton-Gillingham Approach to Reading, Spelling, and Writing


KLC offers three levels of accredited Orton-Gillingham (OG) courses.

Registration for all KLC Institute Courses is handled via an interview process.

Courses are offered In-Person and Live Online.

Deepen your multisensory structured language teaching practices with Key Learning Center's internationally accredited basic and advanced Orton-Gillingham coursework and practicum programs.

Getting Started with the Orton-Gillingham Approach?

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Ready to get started with the Orton-Gillingham Approach?

Orton-Gillingham Associate

Associate Part I (Foundations) offers an opportunity for teachers, tutors, parents, and other professionals to be introduced to the fundamentals of the Orton-Gillingham Approach including strategies that can be used one-on-one, in small groups, and in the classroom. Basic literacy instruction based on Orton-Gillingham principles, integrated with multi-sensory techniques and strategies will be the primary focus of this course. It is suitable for teachers of elementary classes (grades K-4) and most beneficial for primary grade teachers.

Associate Part II continues with trainees working directly with a student, utilizing the principles and strategies of the OG Approach to assess their needs, analyze data, and plan and teach lessons. OG experience is gained via a required year-long supervised clinical teaching practicum. The completion of coursework and practicum meets requirements for both ALTA and OGA, making the participant eligible to apply for credentialing after meeting each organization's additional specific requirements.

This course alone does not fully prepare you to teach students using the OG Approach.

For details, view the 2024 Associate Brochure, below.

VIEW Detailed 2024 associate BROCHURE

Course Settings & Dates

This course is offered in two settings: In-Person or Live Online.  The course and the required practicum meet certification standards for Orton-Gillingham Associate Level and ALTA Teaching Level.

All Courses are Currently Full


In-Person Associate Courses

Key Learning Center at Carolina Day School
Asheville, North Carolina

Summer 2024

  • FULL - Day 1-5 Associate Part I (Foundations): Mon-Fri June 17-21 [8:30-4:00 Eastern]

  • FULL - Days 6-10 Associate Part II: Mon-Fri June 24-28 [8:30-4:00 Eastern]


Live Online Associate Courses


  • FULL - Associate Part I (Foundations): July 29-Aug 2 [9:00-2:30 Eastern]

  • FULL - Associate Part II: Saturdays Sep 7 & 21 [9:00-2:00 Eastern]; Thursday Evenings Oct 10, Oct 24, Nov 7, Dec 5, Jan 9, Jan 23, Feb 6, Feb 20, Mar 6, Apr 10 [6:00-8:00 pm Eastern]

Associate Course Fees*

  • Associate Part I (Foundations): $950 - Required materials fee: $195
  • Associate Course Part II (Foundations Fee Included): $2,200 + Required materials fee: $295

*A $300 non-refundable deposit is required with registration.


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Ready to take your Orton-Gillingham knowledge to the next level?

Orton-Gillingham Certified

Certified - Therapy Level, Part I Bridge from Basic to Advanced: This course is open to those who have completed an introduction to Orton-Gillingham and/or an Associate level course at Key Learning Center or a similar program. It provides educators the bridge from basic phonology to higher level language skills. It includes a review of phonics and basic grammar concepts along with an introduction to the advanced levels of English morphology and writing.

  • This course can be taken as a stand-alone follow-up to the OG Associate Course. (A two-year window is granted for those who wish to continue with Certified Part II.)
  • With prior approval, this course is open to middle and high school teachers seeking a background in morphology and structured writing.

Certified - Therapy Level, Part II Practicum and Continued Coursework: This course offers continued learning. Along with practicum, it offers a scaffolded approach to developing advanced language understanding through a diagnostic- prescriptive teaching cycle. See the KLC Certified Brochure below for more information.

Note: In order to enroll in the Certified-Therapy Level course, participants are required to enroll in year one of practicum.  (For those participants completing the Associate level practicum, completing it first qualifies as participating in practicum.)

For OG Certified Part I and II details, dates, and costs, view the 2024 Brochure, below.

View KLC Certified Brochure 2024

Course Settings & Dates

This course is offered in two settings: In-Person or Live Online

All Courses are Currently Full

In-Person Certified Courses

Key Learning Center at Carolina Day School
Asheville, North Carolina

Therapy Level, Part I Bridge from Basic to Advanced: 

  • DONE - March 7, 9; April 18–20; May 2 [8:30-3:30 Eastern]


Live Online Certified Courses

Therapy Level, Part I Bridge from Basic to Advanced: 

  • FULL - July 22–26, 2024 [9:00 am -2:30 pm Eastern]

Therapy Level, Part II Practicum and Continued Coursework:

  • FULL - Sept 14 [9-12 Eastern], Sept 18, 25 [6-8 pm Eastern]; Oct 5 [9-12 Eastern]
  • FULL - Evening Dates: Oct 23, Nov 6, Dec 4, Jan 8, 22; Feb 5, 19; March 5, April 9; Oct 8, 2025 [6-8 pm Eastern]

Certified Course Fees

See the 2024 Certified Brochure (above) for details.


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Becoming Certified as an Orton-Gillingham Teacher or Tutor

Key Learning Center offers training that is accredited by the major international organizations that accredit high-quality programs meeting rigorous standards.

Certification as an Orton-Gillingham Practitioner or an Academic Language Practitioner comes through these organizations:


Key Learning Center's Accreditation

Key Learning Center holds three of the most highly regarded accreditations in the field of dyslexia.


KLC trainers are certified through ALTA.