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The Key Multisensory Structured Language Education:

Orton-Gillingham Approach to Reading, Spelling, and Writing

KLC offers three levels of accredited Orton-Gillingham (OG) courses.

Registration for all KLC Institute Courses is handled via an interview process.

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Orton-Gillingham Associate Level Course

This Four-Part Program is offered over the spring and summer of 2023.   It meets coursework requirements For Orton-Gillingham Associate Level and ALTA Teaching Level.


Dates for 2023 TBD


Associate Foundations: offers an opportunity for teachers, tutors, parents, and other professionals to be introduced to the fundamentals of the Orton-Gillingham approach including strategies that can be used one-on-one, in small groups, and in the classroom. Basic phonics instruction based on Orton-Gillingham principles integrated with multisensory techniques and strategies will be the primary focus of this course. It is suitable for teachers of elementary classes (grades K-4) and is most beneficial for primary grade teachers. 

Associate Practice Teaching and Advanced Phonics: provides comprehensive knowledge and hands-on practice with the multisensory principles of teaching and structured language instruction in reading, writing, and spelling. This evidence-based approach is effective for both initial reading instruction and for remediation with older students with deficits in reading. It includes lectures, small group learning, and a one-on-one practice teaching component with your own student.

Note: There is a 10-hours Subscriber course prerequisite. Coursework includes additional asynchronous hours between sessions and working with your own student. Participants secure a student on their own to work with in a face-to-face format. See full details in link below.  

Practicum: As a follow-up to the Associate course, a supervised teaching practicum offers teachers and tutors the opportunity to obtain continued support from an experienced OG practitioner while working with a group, class, or one-to-one over a nine-month to twenty four month period in their own school or clinical setting. The practicum component is a requirement for course participation and for credentialing at the Certified Academic Language Practitioner Level,  Associate or  Classroom Educator Level.  *The practicum is a separate fee from the coursework.


For Details View the 2023 Brochure:


Orton-Gillingham: Bridge from Basic to Advanced - OGA Certified Part I / ALTA Therapist Part I 

This course is open to those who have completed an Introduction to Orton-Gillingham and/or an Associate level course at Key Learning Center or other similar program.

It provides educators the bridge from basic phonology to higher level language skills. It includes a review of phonics and basic grammar concepts along with an introduction to the advanced levels of English morphology and writing. 

With prior approval, this course is open to middle and high school teachers seeking a background in morphology and structured writing. 

Course Dates for 2023 TBD

For more information contact Concha Wyatt at:

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There are three internationally recognized institutions that accredit multisensory structured language training programs. Key Learning Center maintains accreditation with each of these organizations:

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About becoming Certified as an Orton-Gillingham Teacher or Tutor:

Key Learning Center offers training that is accredited by the major international organizations that accredit high-quality programs meeting rigorous standards.

Certification as an Orton-Gillingham Practitioner or an Academic Language Practitioner comes through these organizations: