Key Learning Center's Best Practices Symposium in Multisensory Teaching & Learning

February 3, 2024 | 10 am to 3:00 pm (.5 CEU)


As Key Learning Center's signature dyslexia education event, this symposium includes a keynote address, lunch,  a choice of two 60-minute breakout sessions, and CEU credit. Speakers include our nationally recognized  Keynote speaker, faculty from the KLC and Carolina Day and professionals from the field of dyslexia/OGA Fellows, and related fields. This well-attended annual event brings topics that are current, relevant, and meaningful to parents, teachers, and other professionals. 


Dr. Cheryl Chase

Dr. Cheryl Chase

Nationally recognized expert in the field of Executive Function Challenges, Child Psychology, and Working Memory Challenges

Executive Functions: What are they, why are they important, and how can I help?

“Executive functions” is a term used to describe a broad set of cognitive skills that, when working properly, allow students to manage impulses, work in a deliberate and thoughtful manner, and organize their time and materials. When development of these skills is delayed, as is often the case in those with learning differences, ADHD, or emotional struggles, academic performance suffers, but for reasons not fully understood. When serving students who have special learning needs, it is imperative that we also consider whether or not the student is displaying age-appropriate executive skills. This workshop will define the term “executive functioning” using clear, easy to understand terms, and offer many practical strategies to support children with weak executive functions at home and in school.

Breakout Sessions Topics will include: 

  • Dr. Cheryl Chase will present on Working Memory

  • Building Language Skills for Early Learners

  • Increasing Syntactic Awareness Through Phrase Work in the OG Lesson

  • Experience Dyslexia

  • Integrating Vocabulary into the OG Lesson with Purpose

  • The Amazing Dyslexic Brain: Straight Talk About Dyslexia for Parents and Educators

  • Applying the Multisensory Lesson Plan Structure to Math

  • Implementing Orton-Gillingham in Whole Class Instruction

Note: Sessions may be added or changed prior to the event.


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KLC Best Practices Symposium 2-03-2024


Best Practices Symposium in Multisensory Teaching & Learning

February 3, 2024 | 10 am to 3:00 pm | On the campus of Carolina Day School in Asheville, North Carolina
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