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Wise Words from Upper School Student Body President Candidates
Wise Words from Upper School Student Body President Candidates
As part of the requirements for running for student body office, Upper School Assistant Principal Margo Moses asked each student-candidate to write a piece that focused on a couple of key leadership characteristics. Here is the prompt she shared with them:

I will ask the rest of the student body to think about what they want in their leaders based on the following characteristics: Fairness, Dependability, Initiative, Empathy, and Leadership. With those characteristics in mind, you should also be thinking about whether or not you embody these characteristics as well. Leading is not easy and it requires a lot of effort and commitment on a day-to-day basis. Please turn in a written piece that focuses on two of the above characteristics, and explains how they (the characteristics) will help you move the school forward and improve upon an issue that is of concern to you. 

Enjoy the following excerpts from the candidate responses:

"The dictionary defines dependability as "the quality of being trustworthy and reliable." The synonyms for dependability are "steadfast and loyal"....Loyalty and reliability are very similar to trustworthiness. I have been fortunate to have, and kept, some amazing friends as CDS. I believe that part of the reason for this is my loyalty and reliability. Loyalty does not mean, to me, just blindly standing by a friend even if you think they are making a mistake or doing the wrong thing. A true, loyal, friend tells his friends when they are doing the right thing."

"My initiative has allowed me to foster relationships with students and teachers, and actively prepare for the day. This separates me from the rest of my peers because it allows me to demonstrate the best of my abilities every single day. I am the type of person that strives to push myself into uncomfortable positions. For example, I continue to do competitive debate after completing the class, because I have made it my goal to push myself into uncomfortable positions. (Trust me it's not for enjoyment, debate is the most physically and emotionally draining thing)...I have grown the confidence to speak loudly in public, because I had the drive to put myself in a vulnerable position. I like talking to people now, something that is drastically different than freshman year."
"I had two major events this year that made me realize I was definitely a capable student willing to enact change in CDS for the better. The first one was attending the Student Diversity Leadership Conference (SDLC) in November. By stepping away from the school for a moment and looking at it from a different perspective, I was able to see things that I hadn't before, and it showed me things that the school could work on, especially to make sure every felt like a real part of our community. Most people say they feel welcome here and like this is a community where they feel valued, but the keyword in that sentence is most. One of my goals as president is to turn that "most" into an "all" through my leadership skills."

"One of the most significant ways to boost school spirit is to be truly passionate about the community on a small scale level. This requires a faith in the school not only in large projects or shifts in community, but also in the daily interactions between people. The student body president represents the school in the greatest way they can, which means they must maintain a pride not only in being a student but also in the people around them, the peers and teachers that make CDS the community it is. The president must be dependably spirited in their disposition and actions to act as a model for the rest of the school...I have always searched for opportunities to take action for the sake of progress. In almost all of my interests in and out of school, I express a strong determination to improve any state in a situation that could be better."

Thank you, Upper School candidates, for stepping up to run for this challenging leadership role.

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