Wildcat Workout Challenge: Staying active from home

We hope you are doing well and staying safe. We also hope you're staying active!

Since we aren't currently able to come together as teams and workout or attend gyms it can be easy to forget how important it is to get up and get moving. We work out every day at school, even if we don't notice it. If we were to add up all of our steps throughout the day, all of the squats we do getting in and out of chairs, all of the arm curls we do picking things up, by the end of the day, we have a pretty good workout. (Not to mention those of us who go to practice and play games!) 

We need exercise to stay healthy, especially during this time. Why not workout together as Wildcats?! 

The CDS Athletic Department has created a challenge for Middle and Upper School students to get up and get active! (There's also a separate challenge for teachers.) Any time you do any type of exercise, log it! Many students are already exercising for PE or doing at-home practices/skill development, and those activities count, too. Check your CDS email account for more instructions and a link to the Workout Log. 

Let's challenge ourselves as a whole wildcat community. Stay active, be safe and have fun! 

PS: Teachers and staff members have been working out since March 23, and as of April 1, they have a combined 10,000+ minutes plus. Can you beat them? 

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