Arts at Carolina Day

Discovering, Developing, and Expressing Creative Talents

Here, creativity and self-expression are nurtured through teaching that encourages collaboration, innovation, and critical thinking.

Exploring artistic expression is an essential part of learning and life.

Carolina Day School combines music, theatre, and visual art to create a comprehensive and exciting introduction to the world of fine arts for all students. We provide formal training to teach the techniques and discipline necessary to communicate through artistic media, while also allowing students the freedom to explore their creative instincts.

Our vibrant arts program enriches our learning environment as it encourages students to become open-minded critics, to appreciate alternative forms of self-expression, and to articulate ideas in a variety of creative ways.

Portrait of an Artist

What is it like to explore creative talents at Carolina Day? Students talk about their experiences. 

Genevieve Beatty ’20
Nausica Rotolo '16
Lauren Zimmerman '15