How to use St. Genevieve Memories website

Much of the history that has been compiled on of all the St. Genevieve schools is visible to the public. On the home page, you can hover over "St. Genevieve-of-the-Pines" to select SGP College, SGP Academy, SGP Junior College, SGP Secretarial School, SGP Prep, or Gibbons Hall School for Boys. Or you can click "St. Genevieve/Gibbons Hall" to see stories and read historical accounts from all the schools. However, in order to see individuals, classes, faculty & staff, you will need to register to login to the site.

How to Register

This site is password protected to protect the privacy of those who share information on the site. It is open to people who attended, taught or worked at a St. Genevieve School. It is also open to parents of those who attended the school and friends of the school.

To see all of the information on the site, you must login. To set up a login and password, you must register for a new account.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click "Login" in the top navigation bar of the site
  3. Enter the appropriate information in the registration form. It is crucial that you fill out the form in its entirety so we have the info necessary to create your account.
  4. Click the Request Account button
  5. You will receive a message that your request has been sent.
  6. Once your request for an account has been approved, you will receive an email asking you to login and create a password.
  7. If you should forget your password, you can reset it at anytime on the login screen.

School Associations & How Information Is Organized

Did you know that, at one time or another, there were a total of seven different St. Genevieve schools? To cover all of this information, this website is powered by an extensive database that is growing every day. Its navigation filters by school so users may see information that is most relevant to them, while still giving them access to all information on the site.

For instance, if Stephanie Smith (SGGH ’86) shares a memory, her story will show on her profile page under St. Genevieve Gibbons Hall. It will also show on the St. Genevieve Gibbons Hall Memories page. Stephanie’s story would not show under St. Genevieve of the Pines or on the St. Genevieve of the Pines Memories page because Stephanie did not attend SGP. Her story, however, is visible to everyone through her profile or through the Search Feature at the top right corner of every page.

How to Upload a Memory to Your Profile Page

Did you know you have your very own profile page? This is where you can add photos and share your memories. It’s easy.

  1. First, you need to login to the site. If you do not have a login, please see How To Register.
  2. Once you have logged in, click the Update Your Profile or Share Your Story button. You can do either.
  3. If you choose to share a story, insert the text you would like into the story box. Add your title in the title box, then select the topic that best fits your story.
  4. Click the first Save Changes box.
  5. If you have photos that go along with your story, click the plus (+) button in the story photos box. Select the photo(s) you want from your computer. You can add a caption and tag the photo by clicking on faces.
  6. Remember to click the Save Changes box here as well.

Once you have saved your story and photos, you will receive an on-screen notice that your story has been added. Your story and photos will show on your profile page and will also show on your school’s Memories page.

How to Update Your Profile Page

Updating your profile page is easy.

  1. Simply insert the information you wish to share in the appropriate areas. 2. Upload a current photo. Add a caption if you wish. Include current information about where you live and what you have been doing since your St. Genevieve days.
  2. Always remember to click the Save Changes button.
  3. You can also add photos of your time at St. Genevieve to your profile page. Just click the big plus (+) button and select the photo you want to add from your computer. You can also tag people in the photo by clicking faces. The database will pick up on the person’s name once you start typing.
  4. Once you have tagged everyone, remember to Save Changes. When you tag a photo, the photo will show on your profile page and the profile pages of the people you tagged. You can add an unlimited number of photos to your profile page.

Sharing Information Outside of Your Profile Page

Group class photos, school documents and other items can be added to your profile page, but some of these items might serve a greater purpose in other parts of the site. If you have any of these items, specifically group class photos or documents that are not yet shown on the site, please contact the site administrator by using the Contact button at the bottom of any page. We’ll make sure these get uploaded to the right places and give you credit for supplying these items. Eventually we hope to add more functionality to allow you to upload these items with greater ease.

To contact the site administrator with questions, you can submit them on the "Contact" page: