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St. Genevieve/Gibbons Hall Headmaster Joe Lalley Jr., faculty Tish Anderson and Debby Wolcott, parent of SG/GH alumni Millie Elmore SGP ’64, and alumna Stephanie Smith SG/GH ’86 and Bob Lalley SG/GH ’73 created a dynamic website to capture the history and legacy of St. Genevieve-of-the-Pines, the School for Secretaries, Gibbons Hall, and St. Genevieve/Gibbons Hall.

Stephanie and her company, the Brite Agency, designed the site, gathering stories, scanning yearbooks, and creating an intuitive place where alumni can connect with each other. Users may sort by their school and class and view profiles on each alumnus/alumna, and coordinating pictures. The most significant piece is attributed to the work of a partner web firm setting up a user-friendly content management system that can be easily managed by the alumni office. This created a site where alumni can update their own memories and pictures in perpetuity.

The hope is to encourage as many alumni as possible from all age groups to recall their days on their campus and share memories with each other. These memories show a rich, personal history that more widely connects to alumni, teachers, and parents than any book or publication can provide, reaching out to students of every generation and recognizing the schools they attended, even if their school no longer physically exists. Though the campus has changed and many of the buildings are no longer there, the school remains alive in the minds and hearts of the alumni, former teachers, and parents. The school also lives on as a part of the history and legacy of Carolina Day School. 

The dedication, expertise, encouragement and generous financial support of many individuals and families made this undertaking possible:

Carolina Day School

The Brite Agency

Blue Ridge Solutions

Mary Alice Powell Adams

Ruth Wilkins Algary

Marty Anderson

Tish Anderson

Margaret Ellington Baggett

Bank of America Matching Gifts on behalf of Eric Ellington

Peter Baumgarten

Cecil C. Beumer

George and Diana Bilbrey

George Bilbrey

Neville Bilbrey

Shawn Boone

Laura Boosinger

Betsy Carpenter Boys

Alan Brookshire

Dick and Janet Burdette

Nat and Ann Burkhardt

Spencer Field Butler

Grady and Peggy Freeman Byrd

Stuart Camblos

Barry and Sheila Campbell

Eleanor Ivey Campbell

Kristin Lundblad Candler

David Capps

Margeva Morris Cole

Maria Lamprinakos Collias

Kevin Cook

Walter Dean

Todd Deweese

Alison Sawdon Douglas

Joann Lipinsky Edwinn

Douglas Ellington

Edward Ellington

Eric Ellington

Miles and Millie Bitter Elmore

Liz Ennen

Ben Eubanks

Nelson Eubanks

Paul Eubanks

Reavis Eubanks Jr.

Leslie Byrd Farquhar

Mary Hahn Hendon Fetter

Emmie Field

Julie Pike Gellenthien

Peter and Jas Gentling

Mary Lou Gillum

Dan and Margaret Gissendanner

Maralee and Ron Gollberg

Courtney Hall

Brooke Lawrence Hata

Ward and Harriet Hendon

Ward Hendon Jr.

Michael Hinman

Sharon Hill Hogan 

Patrick Holland

Anne Hickman Imes

Nancy Indriso

David and Thorunn Ivey

George Ivey

Kitty Johnson

Barry and Becky Kempson

Joe Lalley Jr.

John and Dale Lawrence

Matt Lenoci

Tom Lenoci

Leonard Levitch

Mark Lewis 

Jean Ammen Lytle

Mary Jane Maloney Leone

Dori Maitland

Alex Maitland

Beatrice Maybank

John and Tina McGuire

Joyce McKeever

Jan Merryweather

Angela Brown Miotto

Kate Lawrence Mitchell

Robert Morgan

Dora Zeigler Nelson

Parsec Financial Management on behalf of Mark Lewis

Peggy Morgan Partin

Mimi Elmore Peabody

John Pinto

Ben and Jeanne Powell

Chuck Price

Jerry Prickett

Patsy Scott Riddle Prickett

Pam Reid

Sally Lewis Rhoades

Constance Richards

Bob and Kathy Riddle

Ann Robinson

Larry Rosenberg

Thomas (Longenecker) Roth

Kieran Rudy

John and Susie Ruhl

Charles and Jeanne Russell

Wade and Mary Margaret Saunders

Elaine Fitch Scagnelli

David Schandler

Nancy Schwoyer

Canie and Lynn Smith

Frank Smith

Jane Lawrence Spencer

John and Henny Steinfeld

Jane Stikeleather

Leo Stelten 

Helen Stockinger

Michael Strong

Kent Thompson

Annetta Goodman Todd

Frank and Helen Turner

Sheila Taylor Walden

Eric and Lillian Wellisch

Bill and Debby Wolcott

Stephen and Mary Bruce Woody

Mary Frank Zane