SAT/ACT Summer 2019 Test Prep Math Intensives

Hosted by Key Learning Center's Tutoring Connection at Carolina Day School 

Andrew Bednarzik


Instructor: Andrew Bednarzik

Length of course: 9 total hours, 3 class meetings               

Session 1

July 22–24, 2019 - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 5:30–8:30 p.m.

  • Monday, July 22 (Day 1)
  • Tuesday, July 23 (Day 2)
  • Wednesday, July 24th (Day 3)

(Register by July 21.)

Session 2

August 13–15, 2019 - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 5:30–8:30 p.m.  

  • Tuesday, August 13th (Day 1)
  • Wednesday, August 14th (Day 2)
  • Thursday, August 15th (Day 3)

(Register by August 9.)

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Description of course:

Math on the SAT/ACT is different than high school math. The confusing way the questions are asked, the way familiar concepts are included in questions in unfamiliar ways, the strategy that goes into taking a timed test are all factors that make the SAT/ACT unique. Years of experience helping students prepare for these tests have helped me identify the most important math concepts to teach. This course will help students learn these concepts and, more importantly, learn how the SAT/ACT will ask them to apply their math knowledge in ways that are not familiar. In addition to learning math concepts, we will discuss three primary test taking strategies specific to the math sections. The goal of the course is to help each student maximize their SAT/ACT score through filling in the gaps in their math knowledge and learning key test-taking strategies to see the highest possible increase in their score.

Who is the instructor?

Andrew Bednarzik is a graduate of Columbia University and has been tutoring for the SAT and ACT since 2003. His Test Prep training occurred at a reputable test prep company in Boston, MA and he has been tutoring through the Tutoring Connection at Carolina Day School since 2008. Andrew’s focus is the math portions of the SAT and ACT. In addition to having an almost perfect score the SAT Math, Andrew progressed through three semesters of college Calculus at Columbia’s Engineering School before decided to change courses and study psychology. Andrew now has a Private Counseling practice in Asheville and tutors math and Test Prep on the side. Relating with students and understanding how to relay the information in a way that students can digest are Andrew’s strengths as an instructor.

What is covered in the course?

*Prior to meeting for the first session students will have completed a short diagnostic test.

The content of the course is divided according the main categories of Math content on the SAT/ACT.  

  • DAY 1: Format and content of the tests, key test taking strategies
  • DAY 2: Pre-Algebra and Algebra Concepts, Functions and Solving Word Problems
  • DAY 3: Geometry, Trigonometry, Data Analysis and Advanced Math Concepts


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