Tutoring Connection

Upcoming Practice Tests

Be ready in 2023 to take the SAT or ACT!

The next SAT is in March and the next ACT is in April. Are you ready?

Tutoring Connection at Carolina Day has SAT/ACT Practice Tests coming up to help you prepare. Take a full-length diagnostic test in order to get a detailed score report that can help generate your optimum study plan for the real SAT/ACT!

2023 Practice Test Dates:

  • February 4, 2023 (for the SAT in May or ACT in April)
  • April 1, 2023 (for the summer SAT or ACT tests)


Tutoring Services

Academic Support for Asheville Area Students Ages 5-18

Tutoring Connection is a community resource available not only to Carolina Day School families, but also to students from other area schools.

Online tutors are available for all subjects!

The program provides a resource to families who have needs for specific academic and school-related support for their children. Tutoring Connection identifies interested and qualified tutors who have skills to offer these families. The best possible match is provided when “connecting” a tutor with a student. Tutors establish a partnership with the family and the student’s school. This partnership allows the parent, student, and tutor to determine the day, time, and public location for tutoring services.

We provide qualified, knowledgeable, pre-screened tutors who take a personal interest in each student’s success. Through the use of varied teaching techniques, each student is able to learn according to his or her learning style. As each student experiences success, confidence and self-esteem grows.


Tutoring services are offered in the Orton-Gillingham-based multisensory structured language approach and in academic areas. The Orton-Gillingham tutors have received various levels of training from basic to advanced. The Tutoring Connection also has tutors certified through the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Practitioners and Educators (AOGPE) and our International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council (IMSLEC) accredited training program.


All Tutoring Connection services are available to all members of the greater community, and many can be offered online.

Please email tutoring@carolinaday.org for more information.

Tutoring Connection tutor with student


Tutoring Rates

Rates vary according to the type of tutoring. Sessions can be 45 minutes or more in length.

General rates per hour:

  • Homework help: $45 per hour.

  • Academic tutoring: $60 per hour.
    • Academic tutoring includes subjects such as math, language composition, reading, history, foreign languages, and science.

  • Multisensory language tutoring: $60-$85 per hour, based on tutor training and expertise
    • Multisensory language tutoring is performed by trained Orton-Gillingham tutors.

    • An assessment and summary of language evaluation are included.

  • Multisensory math tutoring: $60-$75 per hour, based on tutor training and expertise
    • Performed by trained multisensory math tutors.

    • Optional assessment and summary of math evaluation are available for a nominal fee.

  • SAT/ACT tutoring: $90 per hour (one-on-one); $110 per hour (group of 2 students).


"Thank you for providing such a great service. Our tutor was an amazing asset to our homeschool team. I have passed the Tutoring connection info on to many friends and will continue to do so. Again, thank you for the work and coordination you have done and continue to do." Kim B., Parent

"I want you to know that OG tutoring with Ms. H. has been such a wonderful experience. I have watched my son grow, learn and drastically improve his self-esteem. This is all due to the methods and patience implemented by his tutor. I am so grateful. Thank you again for everything!" Monica G., parent