Middle School (6–8)

Where Creative Energy and Intellectual Stimulation Abound

Our experienced faculty challenge, engage, and support students through a program designed to meet the changing needs of adolescents. 

Middle School is a warm, inviting place full of creative energy and intellectual stimulation.

Our experienced faculty challenge, engage, and support students through a program and methodology specifically designed to meet the changing needs of adolescents. Our curriculum, carefully crafted to engage students in exploration, deep thinking, and reflection, encourages students to pose questions, consider multiple perspectives, and seek connections between different concepts. Students frequently engage in hands-on projects, working collaboratively with other students to test theories and find relevant connections between their studies and the world around them. Most importantly, they build close relationships with peers and faculty members in a supportive, collaborative community, which values curiosity and views something that misses its mark as an opportunity to try again in a new and different way.

Video: The Middle School Experience

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Lauren Evans

Lower & Middle School Principal

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Study of Thermal Energy

Middle School students apply principles of heat transfer to design an efficient mug, then assess what they've learned to imagine solutions for larger problems. 

Jan Brabham in the classroom with 6th grade students
Two MS students working in the classroom
A group of MS students walking into Stephens Hall together
MS Students in the classroom looking through a microscope
MS student smiling at her desk
Two MS students writing at their desks
MS Student painting in art class
MS Art teacher interacting with students
MS Student and Teacher smiling over a project