A Message from the Key School Principal

Key School Welcome

Dear Families,

Every day I am awed by the spark, creativity, and passion that our students possess, despite their significant challenges with the "world of words." We find great joy in igniting the spark we see each time a new strategy for unlocking words is mastered or when a new connection is made in our creative Talents classes. Our highly trained faculty does a superb job of addressing both sides of the neurological coin presented by dyslexia.

At Key School we address learning differences and change lives. Is your child bright and curious, yet somehow still struggling in school? This is far more common than you would think. In fact, one in five individuals has a language-based learning difference commonly referred to as dyslexia. Many bright children who have dyslexia struggle to keep up in traditional settings. This can result in low self-esteem, falling grades, and increasing frustration during a child’s critical formative years.

If your child is not meeting his or her potential due to struggles with reading, spelling, writing, and sometimes math, Key School’s unique program can offer hope. Come visit our school and see for yourself how our approach is transforming students with language-based learning differences into high achievers and confident, capable learners. Please enjoy the video attached at right, for an introduction to understanding dyslexia.

Dr. Diane Milner, Key School Principal

"At Carolina Day, the focus is on learning for a lifetime. Students are always being challenged to take their tools, strategies, and skills to increasingly higher levels and to apply them in new and unique ways to create deeper learning connections.” Dr. Diane Milner, Key School Principal 

What the World Doesn't Know About Dyslexia