College Counseling

College Counseling

College Counseling at Carolina Day 

We recognize that reflection and self-exploration help our students identify their academic aspirations, career interests, and preferences for learning environments.

The CDS College Counseling Program works closely with students, parents, faculty, and staff to provide a comprehensive approach to the college exploration and application process. While most individualized counseling occurs in the junior and senior years, we provide a number of forums for freshmen, sophomores, and their parents to learn about the college admissions process.

Through individualized meetings with students and parents, we are able to guide students through the process of identifying colleges that fit each student’s academic, career, and personal goals. To assist with the communication and facilitate the application process, we use SCOIR, an online college exploration and application management tool. Students and parents are introduced to SCOIR in their freshman year at Carolina Day and are able to use it to research colleges, explore the estimated cost of attendance at each college, and keep track of their high school accomplishments.

As the matriculation list shows, Carolina Day students attend some of the top colleges and universities in the country. Carolina Day graduates are succeeding in many different careers and use the lessons learned here everyday.

Matriculation List

Since 1908, we have been successfully preparing students for college and beyond. In this video, learn how the CDS College Counseling Program provides a comprehensive, personalized approach to the college exploration and application process.

We assist students throughout the college application process by facilitating the following:

  • A standardized testing strategy

  • College trips and representative visits

  • College applications

  • Interview preparation

  • Essay topic brainstorming and review

  • Financial aid and scholarship applications

When the time comes to choose a college, we assist families with the following:

  • Assessing the best fit college (academically, socially, and financially)

  • Reviewing financial aid packages (loans, grants, and scholarships)

  • Discussing individualized challenges students may face as they transition to college

“I had classes and teachers at Carolina Day that were as superb and affecting as any that followed in my college years at Yale. But there is something more, something further than that calculable rigor, a note of artistry, of spirit, of the very essential nature of the educational endeavor, that sets Carolina Day apart. ...I called this elusive quality humanity.” CDS Alumnus

For specific questions about our college counseling program, please contact:

Jessica Browning, Director of College Counseling | 

Phyllis Armstrong, Registrar |