Assessing Student Performance

How We Know Students Are Learning

As a community of excellence in teaching and learning, Carolina Day’s approach to assessing student work is varied and comprehensive. Evaluation of each student’s performance encompasses both school-based assessments and standardized tests, which serve distinct yet complementary purposes that combine to provide a full measure of mastery.

Assessment for Learning 

Deep and individualized learning requires ongoing assessment that provides rich, growth-focused, individualized feedback that CDS faculty members use to guide and differentiate instruction for each learner. These methods include the following: 

  • Faculty’s informal observations and check-ins with students

  • Homework, quizzes, and assignments

  • Diagnostic tests such as mClass, DIBELS, and the ERB

Assessment of Learning

Assessment that evaluates student progress and mastery includes the following tools, which provide additional data for teachers, parents, students, and the external testing results required by some college and university admission offices:

  • Application of content and skills to authentic tasks, particularly demonstrated by student-driven projects, presentations, and performances

  • In-class assessments and tests

  • External testing benchmarks such as the SAT, ACT, and AP

Success of the CDS Approach

Academic assessment results create a learning profile for each student at Carolina Day School, and student success taken as a whole measures the success of our school as a learning institution of excellence. We know—based on student character, assessments, college acceptance rate and lists, and alumni testimonials—that the Carolina Day School experience equips students to be life-long learners ready for admission to and success in college and beyond.