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Academics at Carolina Day

Journey of Excellence

The Carolina Day School journey of excellence begins as soon as a student steps foot on campus, whether the student is entering Pre-K or Grade 12. 

From day one, we begin preparing our students with the skills and tools to create, engage, compete, and thrive in the twenty-first century. 

Our passionate, engaged, experienced teaching team guides each child through an educational process that supports you and your student’s hopes and aspirations for today, college, and beyond. 

At CDS, surrounded by intellectually curious classmates, caring faculty, and families who value education, each student is supported on his or her unique path to success.

Video: Grade 4 Electrical Unit

“Our work begins and ends with scholarly and provocative questions. Our students must indulge their curiosities and engage in critical thinking in order to succeed.”
—Cat Evans, Upper School Humanities Teacher


“I had classes and teachers at Carolina Day who were as superb and affecting as any that followed in my college years at Yale. But there is something more, something further than that calculable rigor, a note of artistry, of spirit, of the very essential nature of the educational endeavor, that sets Carolina Day apart. ...I called this elusive quality humanity.”
—CDS Alumnus