The Triumphant Return of After School Enrichment with Jacquelyn Nasti

Jacquelyn Nasti, CDS’s new Director of After Care, is finally bringing a fully realized After School Enrichment program back to campus. 

Last spring, Jacquelyn launched a pilot program for reviving the much missed After School Enrichment, a program gone by the wayside during the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Her first year with CDS, Jacquelyn was hyper focused on After Care, a priority for parents who suddenly had tenfold responsibilities during the school year. She built After Care back into a thriving ecosystem of kids focusing on play, creativity, and exploration. She created infrastructure, implemented more advanced communications systems involving tablets and walkie-talkies, and created an environment filled with art, crafts, freeform sport, and cross-grade cooperation. This year, she’s even instituting a Homework Help program for Middle School After Care students to get a head start on their at-home work. 

But now, Jacquelyn gets to focus on what makes her creativity flow: After School Enrichment. Last spring’s pilot program was a soft relaunch where Jacquelyn tried to cover a myriad of needs and interests. Students participated in a nature-based art class, an acting class, a theater class, and an outdoor living skills class where they learned how to read compasses and maps, build fires, and set up tents. After overwhelming support and interest in these initial classes, Jacquelyn has plans to offer a more robust class roster. Parents may find, in the near future, opportunities for their children to participate in robotics classes, cooking classes, and yoga classes, in addition to last year’s offerings. 

Though she’s proud of what she’s built and is continuing to build here at Carolina Day, Jacquelyn is even prouder to offer CDS students more chances to experience the world outside of the classroom. “Something I heard from parents was that they love that their kids have an extra relationship with adults,” she shared. “They just form these new relationships that are less performance based. There’s less pressure on those relationships. And they just get to kind of hang out with…these other adults and other role models in their life that they see every single day.”

We’re so excited to see what else Jacquelyn brings to CDS!