Lower School Honor Pledge Signing Ceremony

This week, our Lower School students and faculty participated in an Honor Pledge signing ceremony. Lower School Principal Claudia Sherry and Lower School Assistant Principal Peter Sullivan began the ceremony by explaining to students that an honor pledge is: "A serious promise to do what is right, even when no one is looking. AND when they are looking, too." 

They explained to students that we sign honor pledges across the school in all divisions, not just in Lower School. Seniors Peyton Jenkins and Grace McKee then spoke to students about the Upper School ceremony and how this pledge is a symbol of our community and how we're all tied together. Each child and faculty member then silently signed the oversized Honor Pledge banner, which will hang in the hallway near Alumni Gym.

Lower School Honor Pledge

As a member of the Carolina Day Lower School community, I promise to:

Take care of myself.

Take care of others.

Take care of our school.

The wording of the Honor Pledge (or Honor Code, as it is called in the Upper School) varies in each division, but the principles expressed in each pledge are fundamental to our CDS community. Openly signing the pledge in each division is an opportunity to rededicate ourselves to these values and to the work of holding ourselves accountable.

Across divisions, participation in the signing of an honor pledge supports the Carolina Day School core belief of Cultivating Strong Character: Honor, integrity, and empathy, guided by respect and a deep understanding for the people and the world around us, are key to nurturing responsible students of sound character.