Excellence in the Spotlight: CDS family talks to students about their Native American heritage

During our Lower School Monthly Morning Meeting on November 15, the parents of Celeste Spruce ’32 came to talk about their culture and heritage as Native Americans. Celeste's mom Brooke Brown is Cherokee, and Celeste's dad Shawn Spruce is Pueblo. Also presenting was a member of Brooke's family, Mike Crowe (pictured at left), a cultural specialist with the Cherokee Friends program. Mr. Crowe came dressed in traditional regalia from the 18th century and shared a few cultural stories.

Several students also dressed in traditional attire to help demonstrate authentic representations of clothing worn in the Southeastern region during various centuries. The children pictured left to right are Aurora '30, Celeste '32, Luci '30, and Lawton '30. Thank you to their parents, who took the time to learn what traditional and authentic attire looks like and to help craft these pieces of clothing.

Our young students—and the adults in attendance—had an amazing experience and have benefited from this exposure to Native American culture, heritage, and history. We are very grateful for this authentic opportunity for understanding.