CDS Sophomores and Juniors Explore Colleges and Universities on College Trips

On November 8-10, our sophomores and juniors set off on their multi-day college trips to visit a vast array of universities and colleges. This annual trip allows CDS students to explore the different kinds of higher education institutions so they might discover which ones are the best fit for their individual needs. 

Sophomores visited the University of Virginia, Virginia State University, Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts, Randolph Macon, University of Richmond, and High Point University (NC). Last year’s sophomores (this year’s juniors) were not able to take overnight trips in the fall due to the pandemic, though they did take day trips to visit colleges. Therefore, our juniors also took a multi-day college trip traveling to Georgia to visit Oglethorpe University, Georgia Tech, SCAD Atlanta, Morehouse College, Georgia State University, and Emory University. 

Colleges come in all types and sizes, and a key part of deciding what type of college to go to is finding a good fit. Giving students an early introduction to the wide variety in types of schools (performing arts conservatories, small private colleges, large universities, technical schools, etc.) is an important step in the process, allowing them to start thinking about what kind of campus might be best for them.