CDS Soccer Coach Tapped to Play in Over 70 World Cup in Denmark

At age 68, CDS Soccer Coach, George Tasedan, is set to compete on the global field. Representing the United States, George and his team of more mature soccer players will participate in the 4th Senior World Cup in Roskilde, Denmark August 24-26, alongside teams from England, Wales, Denmark, and Germany.

As someone who has played soccer since his childhood in Romania, George relishes the opportunity to take his skills to the next level. Simply looking forward to the experience of the tournament, George sees it as an opportunity to push himself as a player. “We as human beings always aspire to something more,” he says. “And for me, being involved for so many years, even though this isn’t the real competitive world cup, for my age I look at it as the same. It’s important. We’re representing the United States at the world level and how we compare to teams from other parts of the world.”

Though he’s certainly energized by the idea of playing in the big leagues, this will by no means be the final stop for George, who has been coaching soccer since 1983 and coaching at Carolina Day for the past two years. Soccer is more than just a game, more than just a way for George to keep active. Soccer, for George, is a way of life, one he feels obligated to share with CDS students. 

“I enjoy every moment of coaching,” he says. “Coaching soccer is all about relationships. How can we respond to each other in this common goal? It’s always gratifying. There is no small part on a team like this. From coaching six year olds to coaching eighteen year olds, the game is the same, and you try to share the same passion and love and technical abilities with the kids so they enjoy the game.”

George considers his time coaching CDS students to be not only part of his personal gratification, but also part of his training regimen for Denmark. Through his coaching and his involvement in the Over 40 Soccer league here in Asheville, George gets plenty of field time, and he is using all of it to prepare himself for this tournament, which is unlike any other he’s participated in as a soccer player. He remains grounded, though, always understanding that soccer is about love of the game and not about the glory of winning.

“Soccer sort of gets a hold of you,” says George. “The communal involvement…when you play soccer, teams become units, become one. The social aspect teaches you cooperation and reliance and a willingness to work with and for other people. The game teaches you all this without forcing you. It just comes to you through playing.”

Congratulations, Coach Tasedan. We can’t wait to see how this experience will impact your coaching here at CDS!